Study Guide Answer Key - South Windsor Public Schools

Geologist: ______________________________
Period: __________
Earth Science: Our Dynamic Earth Quiz Review
Quiz Date: ________________
1. Label & color the 3 main layers of the Earth.
2. List the missing physical layers of the Earth.
1. Lithosphere
2. Mesosphere
3. Outer Core
3. Look at the convection currents and label the types of plate boundaries in the
image below.
Position A:
Position B:
What type of boundary is at position A? DIVERGENT
What type of boundary is at position B? CONVERGENT (Subduction)
4. Complete the following chart about plate boundaries:
Type of Plate Boundary
How the plates move
What they form
Towards each other
Mountains & volcanoes
Move away – separate
New ocean floor
Slide past each other
Trigger earthquakes –
no material is created
nor destroyed
5. Explain how convection currents cause tectonic plates to move.
Hot rock from deep within the Earth rises (density decreases), but cooler rock
near the surface sinks (density increases). Convection currents under the
lithosphere cause the plates to move either towards or away from each other.
6. What part of the physical layer of the Earth are tectonic plates? lithosphere
7. Identify the two types of crust:
a. Continental
b. Oceanic
8. Which type of crust is more dense? oceanic
9. What force causes the layers of the Earth to form? Gravity
10. Explain Alfred Wegener’s Theory of Continental Drift. *Include the name of the`
Wegener believed that once all the worlds’ continents were connected creating
a supercontinent he named Pangaea. He believed that the continents broke
apart and since drifted over time.
11. Identify and explain pieces of evidence Wegener used to support his theory.
a. Fossils: found fossils of the same species of reptiles on different
b. Rock Formations: same rocks and mountain chains were found in South
America & Africa. The rocks were the same age and of the same origin
c. Glaciers: evidence of glaciers were found in South America, Africa,
Australia and Antarctica. Glaciers carved the land and deposited rocks
to new locations.
12. Why did people have difficulty accepting Wegener’s theory?
He was unable to explain WHY or HOW the continents moved.