Poppy A Tale From Dimwood Forest

Originally By Avi
PowerPoint by Griffin Powers # 16
At the very edge of Dimwood Forest stood a charred
Oak on which sat a great horned owl named Mr. Ocax, he was the most
deadly creature in Dimwood Forest and he had not had his dinner yet. He
looked. Over to Jayswood then nervously towards new house
Then to bannock hill. Two mice. Out of
All the animals he hunted he liked
Mice the most. One of the mice was a girl
Named Poppy. The other was her boyfriend
Ragweed who had a hazelnut. Poppy was hiding under a piece of
bark.”Ragweed get under
Here, Mr. Ocax might see you” said Poppy.”Poppy, you just want some of this
hazelnut” Said Ragweed. All of a sudden Mr. Ocax came down
And hung Ragweed with his claw but only scratching Poppy’s nose. Poppy
A sting on her nose woke her. “ What had happened”
She thought to herself. Then she remembered. She had came to
Bannock Hill with her boyfriend Ragweed Mr. Ocax had come down
and killed him. She remembered what her dad Lungwort had told
her and her family about how Mr. Ocax was the ruler and protector
and how porcupines are the enemy and how they eat mice.
Lungwort did not like Ragweed. She knew Mr.
Ocax had to be after her.
Mr. Ocax WAS watching. He was completely
still on the dead branch of with wide-open eyes.
He had never let somebody get away.
Mr.Ocax belched bringing up one of Ragweed's
pellets as well as the earring, which he had been
unable to digest. The pellet fell to the ground. He
saw Poppy’s pink nose out of her hiding place. Mr. Ocax leaped into
the air. Mr. Ocax saw dust caused by Poppy. She flipped into a bush.
Mr. Ocax could not find her. On her way home, she saw the red flag
(That means an emergency meeting)
Lungwort said, “Poppy, you’re late, but at
least you’re here.” He announces that they
need to move to New House. There was no
food left for the family. He said to Poppy, “we
need to ask Mr. Ocax for permission. Poppy I
can’t go alone and I’m selecting you to go
with me.”
Lungwort worked on his speech to tell Mr.
Ocax. Poppy needed to carry a white flag as a
sign of peace. Poppy was so nervous. She
didn’t know what to think. She was hoping
that Mr. Ocax would not recognize her. All of
a sudden a storm came.
Lungwort gave his speech. He could barely read it
because of how wet it was. “…whereas Mr. Ocax protector of
deer mice is famous for his kindness and generosity.
Therefo-.” “Stop,” Mr. Ocax yelled. ”Repeat that line about
me.” He did. But, then he saw Poppy. When he recognized
her, he asked, “Have you ever been to New House?”
Lungwort said, “No.” Then you can’t go to New House. The
Poppy noticed something in a mound of pellets near Mr.
Ocax’s tree. It was Ragweed’s ear ring. She took it.
When they got home, Lungwort was
depressed and went to bed. He was very mad
at Poppy because she and Ragweed went up
that night. She told her cousin Basil about
what had happened when she and her father
went to see Mr. Ocax. While she was telling
him, she realized something: right before he
said no, he asked if they had ever been to
New House.
Poppy’s Dad was upset. He didn’t want her
to go to New House to find out what Mr. Ocax
was afraid of. He kept thinking it was all
because of Ragweed and Poppy going up on
Bannock Hill that Mr. Ocax denied the family
permission to move. Poppy told Basil she had
go to New House to see why Mr. Ocax said
have you ever been there.
She wore Ragweed’s ear ring in honor of him. She started
her journey, but got careless and started dancing around.
She had to cross Glitter Creek, but she was just a mouse and
couldn’t swim. There were rocks on the river she used to get
across. When she was almost finished, she saw on one of the
rocks was a turtle. The turtle let her jump on his back. She
slipped and almost drowned. Mr. Ocax saw her.
She continued on her journey, but on the
way, a fox started chasing her. She ran into a
log and hid. On the other side she saw
something moving. As it got closer, it looked
like a big, black thing with points all over it.
Poppy was terrified. She realized what the
animal was she couldn’t run back out because
of the fox.
It was a porcupine! Poppy thought he was going to eat
her, but then he said something. “Hey, what are you doing in
my log?” he said. “A fox chased me in here. Please don’t eat
me,” Poppy said. He yelled at the fox. They knew each
other. “Sorry Ereth l didn’t know this was your log" Said the
fox. He went away “Hi, I’m Erethizon Dorsatum he said.
Ereth for short. She was still terrified.
“Don’t stab me” Poppy cried “don’t kill me
Ereth blinked. “what? All porcupines are vegetarians,
I eat bark”. Poppy was very relieved. “Who told you
porcupines eat mice” said Ereth
She was about to say Lungwort , But who had
Told Lungwort? “Mr. Ocax “ She told Ereth. “Ocax?”
he said “the great horned owl?”
“he told my parents and they told me” Ereth was
mad "he’s the one who eats mice” he said
Poppy woke up that morning and went
To Ereth, and asked “don’t you ever get lonely, I
mean don’t you have any family?” “Oh I had