Poppy By Avi A Tale From Dimwood Forest

By Niko Mamatas #13
There are two deer mice named Poppy and
Ragweed and one day when ragweed and poppy went
in the woods and they were looking for food and we’ll
they were walking ragweed found a hazelnut and he
went to go get it and an owl popped out of know where
and started chasing ragweed and poppy. And when
they found a log to hide under, Mr.Ocax (the owl)
swooped down and killed ragweed.
Then Poppy woke up the next morning in the log
without permission alone. Poppy was getting worried
about what her father is going to say. Mr.Ocax thinks
he is the king of Dim wood forest. Then poppy was
trying to find her way home when she saw Mr.Ocax.
She found a safe place to hide when Mr.Ocax started
chasing her.
Finally when she finally found a safe place to hide
she found her way home and when she got to gray
house there was something inside. There was a red
flag standing in the house the red flag stands for
(emergency meeting.)
When Poppy got to the meeting, Lungwort asked
“where have you been and where’s Ragweed.” And now
that gray house is ruined they are all trying to move to
a different place called New House. And Lungwort
picked poppy to go talk to Mr.Ocax
Now Lungwort and Poppy left for the meeting and
poppy was holding up a white flag and we’ll they were
walking they heard a HOOO! HOOO! It was Mr.Ocax
but they couldn’t see him and it was thundering and
raining. And finally they crossed the bridge. Then they
found Mr.Ocax. They saw him in the light of the
thunder in a tree. He looked like a devil from an
Now when Lungwort and Poppy got there they
told him that all the mice want to move to New House
and Mr.Ocax said NO!! And Lungwort and Poppy were
really upset. When Mr.Ocax said no Lungwort started
to cry because they thought Mr.Ocax was nice and
we’ll they were walking home they found Ragweed's
earring from Mr.Ocax’s pellets.
Poppy and Lungwort did not talk on the way
home. When they got to gray house, Everybody was
cheering. And now everybody is blaming poppy
because ragweed is dead and because they cant move
to new house because poppy and ragweed didn’t ask
permission they don't think Mr.Ocax killed ragweed
She tried to go to sleep but she couldn’t. then she said
to herself “I'm going to new house.”
Now Lungwort thinks its Poppy's fault so now
poppy is going to new house and first she went to go
talk to Lungwort. Then when she went to got talk to
Lungwort and Lungwort said “poppy! Watch out for
porcupines.” And now Poppy thinks Mr.Ocax is hiding
something from all of the mice because they will not
let them go to new house.
Then Poppy left and we’ll she was walking a turtle
was blocking her path so she kicked it. Still sleeping so
she had to go around it. Then she saw MR.OCAX! She
had no other place to hide so she saw a pond. She
jumped in to the pond. Then Mr.Ocax chased Poppy
and drowned her in the water. Then when she came
out of the water, Mr.Ocax’s tree was right next to her
Poppy had to find a place to hide. She couldn’t let
Mr.Ocax’s tree see her. Then she herd a tree branch
snap. Then she herd little footsteps. She didn’t know
what is was. Then she thought it was Mr.Ocax. Then
she was safe. She couldn’t find her way home. And now
she's trying to find new house. Then poppy found a log
to stay in . Then she herd another branch snap. There
was a fox. She jumped in to a log and we’ll she was in
the log, she herd a rattle on the other side.
Poppy knows that it’s a porcupine and it’s name is
Ereth. Then the porcupine said to get out but poppy
tried to tell Ereth that the fox will eat poppy. Then
Ereth told Poppy to move because Ereth is going to kill
the fox. Then Poppy started running and found out she
ran into Ereth’s toilet.
Mr.Ocax lied to all the mice about that porcupines
eat mice and Mr.Ocax eats mice. Ereth told poppy that
Mr.Ocax is scared of Ereth. Then Ereth told Poppy that
Ereth has Parents. And now Poppy is sleeping in
Ereth’s log.
Poppy woke up in the morning. It was still dark.
She got up and she went out of the log and then she
thought she herd Mr.Ocax. Then she jumped right
back in to the log but when poppy found Ereth, it was
Mr.Ocax’s nest. But then Ereth yelled MR.OCAX!!!
Then Mr.Ocax didn’t come out but they knew he was
in there. Then poppy told Ereth that Mr.Ocax killed
poppy's friend Ragweed but Ereth wouldn’t listen.
Then poppy convinced Ereth to take poppy to new
We’ll they were walking to new house they saw bears,
ferrets, weasel, and raccoons. Then they saw
MR.OCAX!! He swooped down and hissed at them
then flew away. Then when they got to new house,
They found the salt. They were surrounded by houses.
Then they saw a owl sitting by a large closed window
and the owl was twice the size as Mr.Ocax.
Then for some reason Ereth left Poppy
because he was to lazy to go get the salt
so he told poppy to get it for him and
bring it back to his log. And Poppy
found one of Ereth’s quills and used it
as a sword.
We’ll Poppy was walking, She saw a cat, A human
boy, And a couple chicken. Then the boy started
twisting the owls head on the barn and Poppy found
out the owl was fake. Then Poppy heard something
behind her. Then she jumped to the side of the barn
and she saw a deer, A doe and two young fawns. Then
Poppy saw a cat wake up and it’s name is George. And
Mr.Ocax still thinks the fake owl is real. Then Poppy
ran in to the cornfield and went to sleep.
Then it was time to leave and when Poppy got in
to the woods she saw MR.OCAX again. He was sitting
on a branch and when she saw him she yelled
“MR.OCAX” Then Mr.Ocax started staring at Poppy.
Then they started talking and Poppy started stepping
back and Mr.Ocax ended up right behind Poppy.
Then Poppy tried to run but Mr.Ocax was already
in front of Poppy . Then Poppy told Mr.Ocax the owl
was fake on the barn and Mr.Ocax was diffidently
going to kill Poppy so she had to fight. Then Mr.Ocax
was moving around side to side. Then Poppy stabbed
Mr.Ocax with her quill in the foot and she was still
holding on then Mr.Ocax flew off. He was going crazy
when Poppy let go and Mr.Ocax ran in to the salt on
the pole. Then Poppy walked very slowly over Mr.Ocax
and Mr.Ocax said “ Sometimes…. Sometimes I wonder
why I bother to protect you.” Then Mr.Ocax shut both
of his eyes and Poppy found out that Mr.Ocax was no
longer alive………
Then when she stared at Mr.Ocax , She took one
of Mr.Ocax’s feathers. Then Poppy went to Ereth’s log
and she slept there for another night. She woke up the
next morning and Ereth was eating the salt. Then
Poppy told Ereth was leaving and when she got to gray
house she told everybody it was safe to go to new
Then Poppy got married to another mouse named
Rye and Ereth was there. It was a full moon. The mice
dedicated the hazelnut tree that they got married
under to Ragweed. Then they hung Ragweed’s earring
to the top of the tree and they all started dancing
under the moon…….
I thought this book was a very good
book so I give this book
4 stars