Unit 26 Topic and Term Outline

Unit 26:Politics and Economics at the End of the Twentieth Century
• The election of 1968 and the
“Silent Majority”
•The New Right and the Reagan
Chapter 26, Section 2, Chapter 28, Chapter 29, Sections 1-2
[How did Reagan’s conservatism
Section 1
[Why was Richard Nixon able to win stimulate a stagnant U.S. economy?]
the election of 1968? What was the •End of the Cold War
Chapter 29, Section 4
importance of the “Silent
[How did Reagan’s arms strategies
contribute to the fall of the Soviet
• Changes in the American
economy: the energy crisis,
•Nixon’s challenges: Vietnam,
deindustrialization, and the
China, and Watergate
service economy
Chapter 26, Section 3, Chapter 28,
Sections 1-2
Chapter 28, Section 3
[How and why was the U.S. economy [Why was the Vietnam War such a
challenge for President Nixon? How
transformed during the 1970s?
Was this transformation harmful of did Nixon handle relations with
China? How did the Watergate
helpful? (explain)]
Scandal bring down Nixon?]
Essential Vocabulary Unit 26 Terms [all fair game for the next test]
• Hubert H. Humphrey’s call to end
bombing of North Vietnam
• “Middle America”
• “Peace with Honor”
• “The Silent Majority”
• Camp David Accords
• Iranian Hostage Crisis
• Helsinki Accords
• Stagflation
• Inflation
• William F. Buckley
• Televangelists
• “Moral Majority”
• Reaganomics
• Deregulation
• Robert Bork nomination
Peace through Strength
Reagan Doctrine
Grenada Invasion
Iran-Contra Scandal
Boris Yeltsin
My Lai Massacre
Pentagon Papers
War Powers Act
Southern Strategy
New Federalism
The Family Assistance Plan
Watergate Scandal