Marketing Management

Marketing Management
Course description
The course aims to apply the concepts of marketing to managerial perspective. It shows
how marketing-centered management of a contemporary company is vital to sustainable success,
and discusses the key concepts of marketing relevant for different types of markets, at different
stages of the marketing plan. The course introduces students to the methodologies and
instruments of marketing research and strategy planning, paying attention to traditional methods
as well as the developing social media marketing tools.
Aim of the course is to introduce marketing-centered approach as one of the foundations
for successful management of a contemporary company. The course discusses key elements of
strategic marketing and operational marketing in relation to different types of markets (consumer
markets –b2c, industrial markets–b2b, service markets), including the emerging markets, and
emerging instruments of SMM.
The course is based on a range of cases from Russian and international context; the
analysis of openly accessible reports on special attention is given to the analysis of open-access
activity and trend reports of the leading companies in oil and gas industry.
Course objectives
 To introduce students to the key marketing concepts, fields of their application, role of
marketing in the management of contemporary company;
 To reflect critically in the specificity of marketing for different types of markets (consumer
markets –b2c, industrial markets–b2b, service markets);
 To familiarize students with the key elements of strategic marketing (segmentation, targeting
and positioning);
 To build the skills of developing marketing Mix for different markets (consumer markets –
b2c, industrial markets–b2b, service markets).
 To give hands-on experience in designing marketing strategy and srtrategic marketing plan;
 To develop capacity of applying marketing theories, approaches and instruments in
roundtable discussions, individual and group projects, presentation and discussion of project
Course contents
Introduction: key concepts of marketing, the role of marketing in company management.
Course introduction: structure, modules, learning outcomes, assignments and grading.
Module 1. Types of markets and marketing instruments.
Different types of markets (consumer markets –b2c, industrial markets–b2b, service markets).
Marketing research, information systems, marketing instruments (traditional marketing tools and
SMM instruments).
Module 2. Strategic marketing and operational marketing.
Strategic marketing: segmentation, targeting, positioning.
Operational marketing: the marketing mix.
Module 3. Marketing organization and control.
Implementation of marketing plan. Marketing metrics.
Module 4. The role and instruments of marketing in particular contexts: oil and gas markets.
Final roundtable.
Final course grade is calculated based on the four components: three assignments for the course
modules and participation in final roundtable discussion. The grade is composed as follows:
1. Module 1: Test (multiple response questions + “calculating assignments” based on the
models discussed in the Module) 20%.
2. Modules 2-3: Written assignment: designing marketing mix for a company – 30%.
3. Module 4: Reflection paper (20%) – brief (2-3 pages long commentary on the analytical
report of one of the oil&gas companies).
4. Final roundtable discussion (30%).
Main readings
1) Kotler P. et al. Marketing management 14/e. – Pearson, 2014.
2) Malhotra N.K. Marketing research [Marketingovye issledovaniya], 4/e. – Williams, 2007.
[in Russian]
3) Tuten T. L., Solomon M. R. Social media marketing. – Sage, 2014.