U.S. Court of Appeals

A court of appeals decides appeals from the
district courts within its federal judicial
circuit, and in some instances from other
designated federal courts and administrative
US Court of Appeals Circuit Courts hear
appeals of civil or criminal cases tried in the
US District Courts. They do not retry cases or
make decisions about the defendant's guilt,
but review the written records from the trial
court to determine if the question raised on
appeal (the reason for the appeal) is valid
and, if so, how the problem should be
Engblom v. Carey, 1982 – National
Guardsmen we activated due to a strike by
the New York state correction officers. At
Mid-Orange Correctional Facility (and other
facilities) striking employees were evicted
from employee housing which was then used
to house some of the National Guard. The
case was ruled in favor of the National Guard.
Muth vs. Frank, 2005 - Striking down antihomosexual sodomy laws as unconstitutional
did not extend to the conclusion that laws
against consensual adult incest were similarly