By The Numbers #4

American Government
Mr. Nazer
Room 120
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Unit #4 The Judicial Branch
ACTIVITY American Government by the Numbers
Find the number that corresponds to each of the statements below. Follow the math instructions. The answer will be a whole
The Number of…
Cases a year that are appealed from the federal district courts to
the federal appeals court level.
The Number of…
Cases that are heard by the Supreme Court in a given year is
actually less than ______.
The Number of…
Federal district courts that serve Wisconsin.
The Number of…
Minutes a lawyer is allowed to argue their case before the
Supreme Court
The Number of…
The Federal Appeals circuit which serves Wisconsin
The Number of…
Supreme Court Justices
Check Your
The Number of…
Supreme Court justices that must agree to hear a case.
The Number of…
Years a justice generally serves on a special federal court.
The Number of…
Justices FDR threatened to add to the Supreme Court so that his
New Deal policies would not be viewed as unconstitutional.
The Number of…
Types of jurisdiction the federal court system has.
The Number of…
U.S. Federal District courts
The Number of…
U.S. Federal Appeals courts (or circuits)
The Number of…
The Article within the Constitution that details the Judicial