Guided Reading Activity 8-1

Guided Reading Activity
Chapter 8 – A New Nation
The First president
1. April 30, 1789 – New York City
2. John Adams
3. They believed he had led them to
victory in the revolutionary War
4. State, Treasury, War
5. a. Thomas Jefferson
b. Alexander Hamilton
c. Henry Knox
6. The President was given authority to dismiss
cabinet members without the Senate’s approval
7. a federal court system with 13 district courts
and 3 circuit courts in the nation
8. John Jay
9. the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution –
personal liberties
10. December 1791
11. paper notes promising to repay money in a
certain length of time
12. The South had less debt in the war; it
believed it would have to pay more than its
fair share
13. he agreed to a proposal to relocate the
new nation’s capital in the South
14. Virginia and Maryland
15. a national bank, a tariff, and national
16. They feared a national government
with strong economic powers dominated
by the wealthy class of people