Worksheet 30 4/27/14

SI – Chem 178
Leader: Kyle
Worksheet 30
1.) What is the main difference between a chemical reaction and a nuclear reaction?
2.) What are the six particles found in nuclear reactions?
3.) What are the three types of radiation and their associated nature?
4.) What are the four types of radioactive decay?
5.) What is the change in atomic number and mass number for each type of decay?
6.) Write a nuclear equation for mecury-201 undergoing electron capture.
7.) Write a nuclear equation for thorium-231 decaying to protactinium-231.
8.) Write a nuclear equation for oxygen undergoing positron emission.
9.) Explain what the “belt of stability” is and how it can be used to predict decay modes.
10.) Predict the decay mode of the following nuclei:
a.) carbon-14
b.) xenon-118
c.) plutonium-239
d.) indium-120