MDG Vocabulary Practice

English 9
Mrs. Sharp
“The Most Dangerous Game” Vocabulary Practice
Synonyms and Antonyms
Below are ten word pairs. The first word in each pair is a vocabulary word. For each numbered pair, write S in
the blank if the second word in the pair is a synonym of the vocabulary word or A if the word is an antonym.
You may use a dictionary or a thesaurus for this activity.
1. _____
receding : advancing
2. _____
disarming : threatening
3. _____
prolonged : abbreviated
4. _____
imprudent : unwise
5. _____
surmounted : overcame
6. _____
unruffled : calm
7. _____
invariably : constantly
8. _____
diverting : boring
9. _____
impulse : urge
protruding : jutting
Question and Answer
Answer the following questions, and use context clues in your explanation to show that you understand the
meanings of the italicized vocabulary words. If you use the vocabulary word in your response, underline it.
EXAMPLE: Was Rainsford imprudent when he stood up on the rail in the dark? Explain.
Yes, Rainsdford was imprudent because it was an unwise and dangerous thing to do, and he fell
1. Was Ivan’s behavior toward Rainsford disarming? Explain.
2. Which character remained unruffled throughout most of the game? Explain.
3. Had other men surmounted General Zaroff’s obstacles? Explain.
4. Why did other men invariably choose to play the general’s game? Explain.
5. Did General Zaroff believe that his game was diverting? Explain.
6. What do you think Rainsford would have done if, on the edge of the cliff, he heard the receding sounds of
the hounds? Explain.
7. How do you think Rainsford and Zaroff would’ve fared if the “game” were prolonged to a month of hunting?
Who do you think would have won? Explain.
8. If you were faced with playing Zaroff’s “game,” what would be your first impulse? Explain.
9. In your opinion, what was either Rainsford’s or Zaroff’s most imprudent move in the “game”? Explain.
10. What do you think Zaroff would have done if he had seen Rainsford’s foot protruding from his hiding place
in the tree on the first night of the hunt? Explain.