The International Student Association

Intensive English
Program (IEP)
Southern Oregon University
Ashland, Oregon, USA
Southern Oregon University
Where Are We?
 Modern computer
 High-speed internet
 High-tech classrooms
 Small classes
 Safe environment
Hannon Library
Campus Dormitories
Suzanne Homes
Games in the Dorm Lobby
Typical Dorm Room
Typical Dorm Room
Typical Dorm Room
Madrone Student Apartments
Family Housing/Apartments
Living Room
Family Housing/Apartments
SOU Dining Services
Your dining experience is more than great
food. It is community experience centered on
culinary expertise, fresh ingredients, healthy
options and a shared sense of environmental
and social responsibility. Our team is
committed to creating the best possible dining
experience. Join us to experience the comfort,
convenience, outstanding food and inviting
atmosphere designed especially for you.
Ashland, Oregon, USA
Mild and varied
Average Temperatures
Fall: High 66F/18.9 ºC, Low 40F/4.4 ºC
Winter: High 49F/9.4 ºC, Low 30F/ -1.1 ºC
Spring: High 66F/18.9 ºC, Low 40F/4.4 ºC
Summer: High 82F/27.8 ºC, Low 51F/10.6ºC
Ashland’s Downtown Plaza
Cultural Ashland
Oregon Shakespeare Festival Theatre
Main Boulevard
The Rogue Valley
Lithia Park
Creekside Outdoor Seating
Japanese Garden
Located in Lithia Park, the Japanese
Garden is a popular place to relax,
meditate, and study
We welcome 120 international
students from about 23
The International Student
organizes activities and
excursions throughout the year
for students
International Student Show
IEP English
The Intensive English Program (IEP) at Southern Oregon University offers
non-native English speakers academic English as a Second Language
(ESL) classes in six skill and ability levels, ranging from introductory to
This program is designed to prepare students for English language
proficiency, with an emphasis on developing the necessary oral and
written skills for academic studies and business or professional
IEP students enjoy access to all SOU facilities and services, including the
Hannon Library, the residence halls, the student union, and the Student
Health and Wellness Center.
IEP Program Options and Dates
Year-long Program: September-June
Term to Term: three-month sessions (beginning September, January, and March)
Four-week summer sessions 2010: Monday, June 21, through Friday, July 16 AND
Monday, July 19, through Friday, August 13.
Two-week summer session 2010: Monday, August 16, through Friday, August 27.
 English for Academic Purposes OR English for Employment and Business (shortterm programs)
 General English (short-term programs)
 IELTS and TOEFL preparation.
Office of International Programs
Mary Gardiner, IEP and OIP Coordinator
Phone: (541) 552-8180
Fax: (541) 552-8195
Email: [email protected]
Emily Stone, Recruiting Coordinator
Phone: (541)-552-6336
Fax: (541) 552-8195
Email: [email protected]
Dr. Gary Miller, Director
Phone: (541) 552-6338
Fax: (541) 552-8195
Email: [email protected]
Dr. Misao Makino, Associate Director for Pacific Rims
Phone & Fax: +81-3-3465-3139
Email: [email protected]
We look forward to seeing you…