Dear AP Psych Student, Thank you for signing up for AP Psychology

Dear AP Psych Student,
Thank you for signing up for AP Psychology! I hope you are as excited to take the class as I am to teach
it! I think you'll find this to be one of the most real-world, relevant classes you've taken in your entire
high school career.
Below, please find directions for your summer assignment. I will scan and post the first chapter of our
textbook for you to read and outline. This will be available to you by June 14th. You will need to access
my teacher webpage on the Sun Valley website to get the link for the chapter.
We will be using My Big Campus next school year; however, that transition will be happening over the
summer. You will receive notification after July 15th that you have been invited to join our AP Psych group.
But don’t forget, all summer assignment links will be accessed on the Sun Valley website.
1. Read and outline/take notes on Chapter 1 of our textbook. (This will be posted by June 14th).
The format of these notes is up to you (I will offer specific suggestions for note taking once the
school year begins) but a good rule-of-thumb is, at minimum, a page of handwritten notes for
every 5-6 pages of text. With that in mind, you should have 3-5 pages of notes for Chapter 1.
You will have a quiz the first week of classes in which you can use these notes…make sure you
have them!
2. Read and summarize "Are You A 'Natural?”. The link for the PDF of the article is on my website. The
summary form you need to use can also be found on the website beginning June 14th.
3. Set up an account on Twitter (if you don't already have one) and follow SVAPPSYCH. Do this soon!
The more invested you become in the AP Psych world, the more fun you’ll have and the more you’ll get
out of the course. I will use Twitter to deliver important information about the class during the
summer and throughout the school year.
4. Keep a dream journal. This is nothing that you are formally turning in to me for credit. (We don’t do
“fluff” points in AP Psych). We will be covering the unconscious (only 2-4% of the course though )
and you’ll want to have a lot of dreams to be able to access; the dream journal will make this easier.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or, if a question arises
before school lets out for the summer, stop by my room (C85).
Have a great summer! I look forward to seeing you all next school year.
Mrs. Mal
If these aren’t funny
to you now..they will
be in a few months