Monitoring * international perspective

Monitoring – international
RI’s role
“Nothing About Us Without Us"
A landmark book by James I. Charlton
• The culture always existed, but the
acknowledgement of it did not.
• A crucial call for action which ensured
disabled people were around the table
• Implementation promise
3 areas of responsibility
• Bengt Lindqvist (1st Special Rappateour)
– Mainstream the responsibility with an
enforcement mechanism
– The government of the country always has
the final responsibility
– Disability community, headed by DPOs, must
assume responsibility for advocating change
and progress
Global Advocacy Campaign
Implementing the changes
In implementing the
UN CRPD for states
and with civil society
in countries where
there is willingness to
realize partnerships
with international and
regional organizations
Relative to Art. 32 of the UN CRPD.
Beyond Lobbying
Laura Hershey has written:
"No community can survive and thrive for very long solely on
the strength of lobbying, legislation, litigation, and protest.
..more is needed to feed a people's quest for identity and
autonomy, and to change a minority group's relationship to
the larger society”.
• Adding to the tool kit
• Workable solutions
• Consistency
• Consensus
• Collaboration
• Communication
• Context
• Comprehensiveness
• Confrontation/
• Change
• Courage
Paradigm shift from welfare to rights
Getting people into work
Get children into schools
Access to health; rehabilitation; assistive
technology and interpreters
• Have choices where and with whom I live
• Access to justice
• Informed disability community
– accessible formats
– Discussion on what is in the UNCRPD
– Rural areas
– Indigenous people and minority groups
• Organised civil society
– Working collectively
– Building relationships
– Building connections
• Build alliances and partnerships
– Who is best to have the dialogue and with whom
• Clear goals and plan of action with clear
Means and outcomes
Consistent with Principles
Data, statistics and research
Best practice solutions
Consider the integrated nature of the elements
Short, medium and long term goals
Sell inclusiveness
• Capacity building of:
– Civil society
– Legislatures
– Executive
– Teachers
– Employers
As Partners and not targets
• Evaluate the success
• Effective monitoring mechanisms with good
baseline data
• Understand governmental budgetary
processes and the machinery of government
• Answer “this is not possible” question
• Disability part of all national plans
• Training of professionals and stakeholders
reflect the social model
• Tackle the hard questions
– Supported decision making
• Take some risks
• Strategies, tools and capacity to effectively use
the media
The journey
We have an increasing knowledge of where
we have been and where we are going.
(Thomas C. Nelson “Disability Culture”)
It takes a whole culture of people
• producing idealizations of what everyone
should be
• system of measures ("Culture as Disability" by
McDermott and Varenne)
“Now we have all embarked on one canoe, let us be
careful we do not pull backwards. Let us pull in the
same direction, as those sit in the bows; do not let
those in the stern paddle in the
opposite direction “
Wiremu Pohe 1860
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