GMU Transition Workshop for Students with Disabilities

Office of Disability Services (ODS)
Assistive Technology Initiative (ATI)
Learning Services (LS)
Information & Transition Workshop
for Students with Disabilities
A workshop for first year and transfer students to better prepare
yourself to meet the academic challenges of college
Wednesday, July 18th or Tuesday, August 21st
8:30 am – 12:30 pm
Join us for
 A look at campus resources for individuals with disabilities
 Answer questions regarding documentation, reasonable
accommodations, and other disability related topics offered by the
Office of Disability Services
 Schedule an intake with the Office of Disability Services to determine
eligibility for accommodations (prior to intake meeting please submit
documentation of your disability via mail, fax, or email)
 Learn about free workshops and programs for improving academic
skills offered by Learning Services
 Explore assistive technologies that may enhance learning and
accessibility by the Assistive Technology Initiative
Please RSVP at 703-993-2474 or email
Please provide your name, email, mailing address, number of attendees,
accommodation needs and date of workshop you will be attending.