Beyond Access, an Arts Access Victoria research project

Beyond Access, an Arts Access Victoria research project, was delivered in 2014 in
partnership with the University of Melbourne and with funding from the Lord Mayor’s
Charitable Foundation. The research sought to create an evidence base for the creative
case for inclusive arts practice to support greater recognition for artists with a disability by
transforming and extending notions of what art is, who makes it and how it is made.
The resources produced through the research are now available for download from the AAV
They are:
An overview of the Beyond Access research project and summary of the research
A critical review of disability arts literature and activity in the UK, US and Australia
Five video case studies, each 5 to 7 minutes in length, of interviews with leading
Victorian disability arts practitioners who are committed to inclusive arts practice:
Write-ability, a program for writers with a disability (Carly Findlay, blogger and
disability activist and Kate Larsen, Director of Writers Victoria)
Weave Movement Theatre (Artistic Director, Janice Florence and performer,
Melanie Keeley)
Rawcus (Artistic Director Kate Sulan and performers Nilgun Guven and
Hannah Bradsworth)
Jane Trengove, visual artist
Australian Theatre of the Deaf (Writer/Director Medina Sumovic)
Launch speeches by visual artist, Jane Trengove, and member of the research team, Dr
Eddie Paterson from the University of Melbourne, are also available for download.
For further information or interviews, please contact Communications Coordinator,
Lisa Green: [email protected] or telephone (03)9699 8299
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