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When 2g of copper carbonate (CuSO4) is added to 50cm3, 1 mol/l
sulfuric acid (H2SO4), copper sulfate, carbon dioxide and water
are formed.
a) Write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction
b) What mass of carbon dioxide is formed?
c) If 1 mole of CO2 takes up 22.4l. What volume does this gas take
Ionic Equations
An ionic equation is used to tell us what is happening in a
To write an ionic equation there are a number of steps
1. Write a balanced chemical equation
When copper sulphate is added to silver chloride, a precipitate
of silver sulphate is formed along with copper chloride solution
2. Re- write the equation using ionic formulae
Remember that covalent compounds and solids don’t get broken
down into ions
3. Get rid of the spectator ions
4. Re- write the equation to show what is happening
Today’s tasks
•Complete Worksheet
Look up boyles Law. Write a paragraph explaining
what it is. Remember to list your references
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