less 6 media and addiction

6. Role of media in addictive
ALL – Outline/Describe research into the role of the
media in addictive behaviour (D/E)
• MOST – Evaluate the role of the media in addictive
behaviour (C/A)
• SOME – incorporate synoptic points into an essay (A/A*)
• Synoptic Aspects –Ethical guidelines for media
representation of drugs in films and TV, correlation not
the same as causality, how science works –based on
research banning ads should cut down alcoholism and
• Homework – Q4 p249 Complete Companion
• Watch TV progs for content analysis
• Look at the online ads for gambling –
• Who is each aimed at (age, gender e.t.c)
• Look at these
images/videos and think
about the ‘Sunshine’
Look at the
next slide
• Do these present a
positive or negative image
of addiction?
How do these trailers portray the
• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAHI3b
H0rbc UK trailer
Sulkunen (2007) –
content analysis – found
drug addiction of all
types glamourised in
films e.g Trainspotting,
American beauty and
Human Traffic (see p248)
How do these trailers portray the
• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PppFH9
3zjtU ‘Trainspotting’ clip
• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgAfa9
yYVTc Fat Boy Slim ‘Trainspotting’
Boyd (2008) argues drug
dependence often show the
negative consequences of
illegal drug use and
addiction see p249
What influence
might these
images have in
initiating a
smoking addiction
The Media Can Influence Addictive
Behaviour in two ways ..
1. Causing and addiction to develop ..
• Mass media provides another reference
for people’s behaviour
• Although little research focusing on the
effect celebrities have on addictive
behaviours, Boon and Lomore (2001)
found 59% young people have their
attitudes and beliefs influenced in some
way by a celebrity.
The Media Can Influence Addictive
Behaviour in two ways ..
1. Causing and addiction to develop ..
• Media coverage of drug-using celebrities
glamourises drug taking – influencing
people’s perception of the
consequences of drug use, making them
more likely to start using.
The Media Can Influence Addictive
Behaviour in two ways ..
1. Causing and addiction to develop ..
• Portrayal of addictive behaviours in the
media may influence people by Social
Learning mechanisms
• E.g. if drug user rewarded, the behaviour
is reinforced.
• This also acts as a reinforcer for the
New drink banned April 2009 ..
A vodka drink sold in test-tube packaging
whose website featured a young woman
holding a banner saying "I'm off my tits" has
been blacklisted by drinks watchdog the
Portman Group.
The group's Independent Complaints Panel
ruled that Rampant TT's packaging made it
unclear as to whether the drink was
alcoholic and that its test-tube format
encouraged consumers to drink the contents
in one go.
Rampant TT's website and publicity material
were also found to be in breach of the code
for using images of consumers who appear
to be under 25 and under the influence of
The Media Can Influence Addictive
Behaviour in two ways ..
2. Preventing or breaking an addiction
• Mass media used to promote positive
messages to prevent initiation or help people
break addictions, to a large audience.
• Public Health Interventions do this
intentionally to reduce behaviours such as
drinking, smoking and drug-use
• TV progs and films may unintentionally show
the negative effects of drug-use and gambling
and reduce the chances of people becoming
Do Media Campaigns Work?
• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAmI1
MJECZ4&NR=1&feature=fvwp drink
aware girl before night out
• http://smokefree.nhs.uk/?WT.mc_id=searc
w TV smoking campaign
What effect do these adverts have on you?
Do you think they are effective?
How do you think they work? – think psychologically!
Do you think they would work on addicts?
Over to you …
 Carry out a content analysis of TV progs
over next 2 weeks
 each choose 3 programmes
 how often is smoking, drinking, gambling,
or drug abuse portrayed?
 Is it portrayed positively or negatively?
 Create categories to promote inter
observer reliability.
Create a sheet to
record observations
similar to those used
on the Zoo trip
Possible table for collecting data
smoking Social
Preparing an essay
 Model and prepare an essay – q1-3 p248
 Use 2 hands..
 on one hand media can promote and
encourage addictive behaviour
 on the other hand it can be used to try to
change people’s addictive behaviour –
 Include synoptic points on the fingers!!.
• Design an advert or campaign to change
people’s addictive behaviour