As Salamu Alaykum
Peace be upon you
Hallo and greetings
from everyone at
Kabafita Lower Basic
School. How are you
We are back at school
now after a long
summer break and
extra time off to
celebrate Tobaski.
The rainy season has
almost finished and
it is very hot these
The water melons are
now in season. They are
delicious to eat especially
when you are thirsty.
We are all very
worried about the
ebola virus. It is not
in the Gambia yet.
But in countries like
Sierra Leone and
Guinea that are close
by. We hope they
find a cure soon.
We also worry you
might be getting the
wrong impression of
Muslims because of
the wicked things
some terrorists are
People like the Islamic state
fighters in Iraq and Syria
and Boko haram are just
wicked people and spoil the
good name of Muslims
The Muslim religion
teaches us to be
kind and tolerant
people. 85 percent
of the population of
Gambia are
Because Britain once ruled The
Gambia the other 15 percent are
Christians and we live happily side by
side. Christmas and Easter are public
holidays and are celebrated by all as
are the Muslim festivals of Koriteh
and Tobaski
So please can we tell you
a little bit about the
Muslim Faith and how its
teachings and rules make
sure we are good people
There are five
important pillars on
which being a good
Muslim is built
The first is
Shahadah – That
there is only one
God. We call him
Allah. But we all
worship the same
The latest Prophet of Allah was
Muhammed and we following his
teachings. They are set out in the
Qu’ran. We also believe Jesus was a
Prophet and his teachings are set out
in the Bible.
Salat tells us we
should pray five
times a day
Zakat tells us we should give to the
poor once we have met our own
needs. So at the feast of Tobaski if we
are lucky enough to be able to buy a
ram we share the meat with families
who were not able to buy one.
Sawn tells us
once we become
adults we must
fast for the 28
days of the Holy
Month of
We are not able to eat or drink
from sun rise to sun set. It
reminds us what it is like to be
hungry and thirsty and to make
sure we help those who are
suffering or in need.
The fifth pillar is
Hajj. And that means
if at all possible once
in your life you go on
a pilgrimage to
And you pray in Kabba – The
mightiest of Mosques. Mecca is
where the Prophet Muhammed
was born and lived most of his
As Muslims we study
the Qu’ran a lot. It
teaches us to be good
and kind people and
never to hurt anyone
– even our enemies.
So you can see that Muslims,
like Christians and Catholics
and Jews try to be good
people and do God’s work on