ABC Book of Islam

ABC Book of Islam
A - Abbasid
The third of Islamic Caliphates of the Islamic
Empire; they overthrew the second of the
Islamic Caliph’s, the Umayyad.
B - Bedouins
A desert-dwelling Arab ethnic group who
were previously nomadic but are
now mostly settled.
C - Caliph
The head of state in a Caliphate, translated
to “Khalifat” meaning “successor.”
D – Dome of the Rock
An Islamic shrine which houses the Foundation
Stone, arguably the holiest spot in Judaism.
E – Elephant
Elephants are used for many purposes in many
Arabian countries: Transportation, food, and
ivory for jewelry.
F – Five Pillars of Islam
Five duties given to every Muslim:
• Profession of Faith
• Prayers
• Giving to the poor
• Fasting
• Pilgrimage to Mecca
G – Ghazi Warrior
A term for a Muslim warrior, in Turkish it means
H - Hadith
Words or deeds of the Islamic prophet,
Muhammad (saw). Usually used as moral
I - Imam
Leader of the daily prayers said 5 times a
day, also used to refer to the Caliph.
J - Jannah
The Arabic term for “heaven.”
K – Ka’ba
A cubical building in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and is
the holiest site in Islam; Muslims face the Ka’ba
when they pray.
L - Laat
One of the 3 chief goddesses in Fertile
Cresent mythology during the pre-Islamic
M - Maghrib
One of the 5 obligatory prayers that is said
right after the sun passes the horizon.
N - Noor
A feeling of satisfaction a Muslim gets when
he does something good, it literally means
P - Prophet
In religion, a prophet is a person who has
encountered some divine being, typically
an Angel.
Q – Qur’an
The central religious text of Islam, Muslims
consider the Qur’an as the word of God.
R – Ramadan
A annual couple of months when Muslims fast all
day and can only drink or eat early in the morning
and after 7 PM.
S – Sunni/Shiite split
The Sunnis and the Shiites split over an argument
about who Muhammad’s (saw) successor
would be.
T - Torah
The holy Jewish book that Muslims also believe
came from Allah through Moses, yet it is now
considered obsolete to Muslim.
Z - Zoroastrianism