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Declaration of Independence
Readings and Worksheet
How did the Proclamation of 1763 settle
among the European settlers of the Thirteen
• The colonists believed the British government
was more concerned about what was good for
Britain than helping them. They also believed
the British did not regard them as true equals.
PMI chart- Quebec Act 1774
Please explain the laws past by the British
government that infuriated the American
• Proclamation of 1763 - Prevented American colonists from
venturing west of the Appalachian mountains.
• Stamp Act of 1765 – Similar to GST. Tax was to pay for British
soldiers in North America, however, Americans felt they should
not be taxed without their consent.
Tea Act of 1773 – Taxes on tea and other imported goods from
Britain used to raise money to pay for the British soldiers
protecting the colonies from Native attacks.
• Quebec Act of 1774 – Gave Quebec & its tiny French speaking
population control of the largest piece of land in British North
Please explain two major events that
contributed to the unrest between the
American colonists and the British.
• 1770 Boston Massacre – Nervous British soldiers
fired their muskets into a mob of Boston
• 1773 Boston Tea Party – “Sons of Liberty,”
disguised as Native people, dumped three
boatloads of tea from British ships into the
• Do you like to make your own decisions?
• How would you feel if someone else (parents,
guardians) would make decisions for you the
rest of their lives.
Declaration of Independence
1) Preamble: An introduction explaining why
the Declaration is being written.
2) Natural Rights: The colonists explain the
rights of people and the role of government
3) Grievances: A list of the colonists’ complaints
4) Resolution of Independence: The colonists
declare their independence from Britain.