Communicate the Value of ASSE Membership
Introduction to the Your ASSE Value Toolkit
Have you determined the value of ASSE Membership, but your employer needs a little help, or perhaps
more information, to approve funding your membership fees?
50% of ASSE members currently have their membership fees either reimbursed or paid for by their
employer. Many organizations are seeing the value year after year and paying for large groups or their
entire Safety teams.
We hope this information will help you convey the value to your employer and we look forward to
having you as part of the ASSE Community.
The ASSE Membership Value Toolkit
ASSE Membership can be a highly educational, career‐enhancing experience. With countless
opportunities for advanced education, access to technical content and best practices, and the collective
knowledge of 36,000 OSH professionals, ASSE Membership can make a difference in your organization.
Here is a practical strategy that should help you justify the expense of an ASSE Membership.
Toolkit includes:
 Cost/Benefit Calculation Worksheet
 Tips on developing your Business Case
 Justification Letter for Your Boss
 Value Presentation
Cost Benefit Analysis
Calculate the Expense
Annual Dues for Society Membership is $150.00
If you are applying for International Membership, your dues
will be different. Consult our global dues structure for this
Chapter dues are $15.00 for first year ASSE Members.
Interest Groups
One Time Application Fee
Cost is $20.00 per Practice Specialty and $10.00 per Common
Interest Group. If you choose to join one.
Cost is $25.00
Join by March 31, 2015 using the promo code 151CORP and
this fee waived will be waived!
Total Cost
Average Annual ASSE Membership Dues are $185.00 - $195.00
Society Membership
Local Chapter Dues
Define the Benefits
Quantifying the benefits of ASSE Membership can be difficult. For example, the #1 reason our members
keep coming back is the unmatched networking opportunities (over 36,000 Safety professionals!). But
how do you put a $ value on that? Members have shared stories about connecting with other ASSE
Members at a local chapter and solving a problem in 3 minutes through information sharing, saving
them valuable time and money. That being said, there are very tangible benefits and real value that
your employer will find important.
To build your case, you should prepare yourself to clearly articulate the connection between your
organizations requirements or needs and the ASSE Membership programming & benefits. You should
identify which member benefits (be specific!) will have a direct impact on your organization.
Remember, professional development for you is just as important to your organization as it is for you
personally. To support this process, use the following benefits listing.
Best Practices
Benefits that fit the need
Access to over 8,000 pieces of content developed by OSH professionals, on the ASSE Body
of Knowledge. Content ranges from technical white papers to best practice checklists.
Connect with Chapter members in your local area and learn how organizations in the OSH
community are addressing current issues.
Network and collaborate with industry and interest group leaders with membership in a
Practice Specialty or Common Interest Group.
Access to the 36,000 ASSE Members through the online member directory and Linked In
community. Wondering how a Safety team in a like organization is addressing an issue?
Just ask them, using the online directory or the active ASSE Linked In community.
Significant members’ only discounts to access OSH standards that help ensure your
organization’s compliance.
The #1 rated Professional Safety Journal publications delivered to your doorstep, desktop,
and mobile device. Each issue delivers practical guidance, techniques and solutions to
help OSH professionals identify hazards, protect people, prevent injuries, improve work
environments and educate management that investing in safety is a sound business
strategy. Access your complimentary copy .
Access to all ASSE professional development proceedings. If you are unable to attend
ASSE’s annual Professional Development Conference, ASSE members receive the benefit of
obtaining ALL of the content at this valuable event.
ASSE Members save $140.00 on their SAFETY conference registration fees. SAFETY is an
Annual conference that attracts thousands of OSH professionals each year. Throughout
the week, nearly 200 technical and educational sessions are held, technical tours offer
attendees the opportunity to tour local Safety centers and plants, and attendees receive
unmatched networking opportunities with the 4,000+ attendees.
Gain technical education from your desktop through live webinars, on demand sessions,
and podcasts. Examples of archived webcasts include, ”Zero Incident Goals Create RiskTaking Cultures: Learn to Measure What Matters” and “Improving Safety Through Mobile
Technology”. View the ASSE Virtual Classroom.
ASSE Membership is open to all OSH professionals. A common misconception is that you
must be certified. However, if you choose to go down that path, ASSE Membership can be
critical in your preparations from both a study materials & cost savings perspective.
 ASSE offers pertinent certification preparation workshops such as Math Review, or ASP,
CSP, CHST, or OHST preparation workshops.
 There are a number of certification preparation publications available at a significant
discount to ASSE Members. If certification is a priority for you and your organization,
ASSE Membership will save you time and money as you prepare for the exams.
 Maintaining certifications is just as critical as the preparations involved in becoming
Investment in
certified and it can be costly. ASSE Membership offers countless opportunities to earn
Continuing Education Credits (and save money!) to maintain certification, including
participation in ASSE Chapter meetings, seminars/workshops, webinars, contributing to
Professional Safety Journal, and ASSE Events. You even earn CEUs by just becoming an
ASSE Member.
 In addition to the technical training ASSE Members have access to, there is also significant
opportunity in business development & leadership skills training.
 Seminars and workshops such the ASSE Executive Program in Safety Management or
Corporate Safety management are designed to enhance the business skills required of a
OSH professional.
 On demand training in business skills like negotiations and interviewing are a fast and easy
way ASSE Members can access training from their desktop
 The Business of Safety Resource Center provides resources, tools, and research for Safety
professional to build the right business cases to their Management teams.
 Your ASSE Membership also supports a bigger cause, the advancement of the OSH
& Regulations
profession. ASSE Governmental Affairs offers information, resources, and a voice in the
latest government regulations and compliance issues.
Do you have a specific need, topic, or Industry that is either not listed or you would like programming specific
to that topic or Industry? Please let us know and we can help build the business case with you.
E-mail Liz Urban at, with your request and the number of potential ASSE Members in your
Safety team.
Make your Case
Use the following templates to help deliver your message and business case to your employer.
Remember, by becoming an ASSE Member you are gaining resources and knowledge that will be shared
throughout your organization’s safety team.
Presentation to your Management or Safety Team – Meet with your Safety team to discuss the
importance of ASSE Membership. Use the Corporate Value for your Safety Team Presentation to
present the specific value proposition of ASSE to your organization. Use the ASSE – A Safe Investment
presentation to review specific ASSE benefits to prospective members of your team or combine the two
for a comprehensive session with both Management & your Safety Team.
Presentation Tip: Insert photos of your team in the presentation to personalize it.
Letter to Your Manager – Send an E-mail for your Manager’s consideration
[SUGGESTED SUBJECT LINE] We should consider ASSE Membership for Me
Dear [First Name],
I have been reviewing information from the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) and since
Safety is a priority for our organization and considering all of the information and resources available
through ASSE I think this is an opportunity that could actually save our organization time and money.
Below is information ASSE has provided for employers who are considering membership for their team
By endorsing your employee’s participation in ASSE you are giving them access to a wealth of
resources and knowledge which can help your company connect the dots between safety and
business management.
With your employee’s participation you can be certain that they are kept abreast of any
changes in safety regulations and solutions to challenges within their line of work, resulting in a
drop in losses due to injuries on the job and dollars saved from workers compensation costs.
According to Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, for every $1 invested in safety, there
is a $3-$6 return in savings.
After reviewing the membership value proposition, I have identified specific benefits that have direct
relevance to my job role and our organization’s needs.
 <take the relevant items from the Member Benefits Overview and list them here>
My ASSE Membership dues are $150 (excluding local Chapter dues) for one year. Plus, if I join before
March 31, 2015 the $25 application fee will be waived. The sooner we act the more money we can
If you’d like to learn more about ASSE and the potential impact my membership can have for [company
name], visit I hope you’ll agree that this is a practical investment that will deliver real
ROI for our organization.
Thank you for your consideration,