January 2012

ASSE Gulf Coast Chapter Meeting
Date: January 5, 2012
Attendees: (highlight the ones in attendance)
James Taylor- Treasurer
Carrie Atkins- VP Communications
Kevin Brice-President
Jeff Daggs- Immediate Past President
Danial Bravard- Public Relations Chair
Gena Fendley- Program Chair
Shavonnah Roberts-Secretary
William Gonzales- Historian and Delegate
Mike Lastie- VP Membership
Secretary Report
Treasurer Report
VP of Communications
Public Relations
Government Affairs
Program Chair
Membership Chair
Immediate Past President
New Business
William – Historian
James – college of the mainland
General Session Discussion Topics:
Membership Engagement- we need to communicate what ASSE is doing on a national
level at our monthly meetings and in our email communications. It appears that the
general GC ASSE membership is disconnected and we need to bridge the gap. One way
to better communicate about ASSE is to open each chapter meeting with a “Did you
know?” fact about ASSE to get membership engaged. We could start a contest with our
membership and ask that at the next two meetings that fill out a form and list the top 3
reasons they joined ASSE/what are the benefits of membership. They can drop the form
in a box on their way out of the meetings. From these forms we can develop a “Top 3
Reasons to Join ASSE” campaign.
Student Chapter Engagement-how do we do a better job of this? Ask members to go
out to speak to student chapters. Create a “Student Chapter” Section on our website.
Social Media- Can the student chapters help us manage our Social Media outreach
efforts? Reach out to the Student Chapter leaders and propose this idea.
Website management-we have the resources available to outsource this day-to-day
management of our website. Carrie can oversee it but we can get a 3rd party to actually
manage it.
Finance Management-we should explore the option to outsource our bookkeeping.
James can manage the bookkeeping activities but not perform them on the daily or
monthly basis.
Community Sponsorship- we should consider sponsoring the “Mutton Bustin”
competition at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. We could potentially sponsor
the safety equipment that the children use during the competition. Shavonnah to look
into this.
Community Awareness Campaign-we should consider building some sort of campaign
to raise awareness of ASSE and the benefits of membership in industry as well in the
community at large. Much like the NSC “safe driving” initiative.
Past President Golf Tournament- Gena and Shavonnah are going to work on the
committee with Jeff to plan the ASSE Past President’s Golf Tournament. Others are
welcome to join this committee. Jeff is going to call Wildcat to see if they have any time
on May 16, 17, 23 or 24. All proceeds from the tournament will go to the ASSE
Northside Section-looking for new leadership for next year.
Motion to adjourn – Time: 10:50 a.m. CST