Musculoskeletal Pathologies WU

Musculoskeletal Pathologies WU:
Write the definitions for the following suffixes AND give an example of them in
a term:
1) –physis_______________________________________________________________________________
2) –asthenia_____________________________________________________________________________
Use medical roots and suffixes to create terms to describe the conditions below,
descriptions pertaining to roots have been bolded:
1) Bone cell_______________________________________
2) Bone disease __________________________________
3) Abnormally porous bone _____________________________________
4) Muscle disease__________________________________
5) Muscle weakness__________________________________
6) Surgical repair of a joint______________________________________
7) Inflammation of a joint_________________________________________
To test your understanding of terms introduced in the chapter, circle the
words that correctly complete the sentences. Italicized words refer to the
correct answer.
1) The medical term for hunchback is (kyphosis, ankylosis, scoliosis)
2) Surgical breaking of a bone to correct a deformity is called (osteoclasis,
arthroclasia, osteoplasty)
3) A fracture that breaks the skin is (greenstick, simple, compound)
4) A method of realigning a bone is (reduction, traction, fixation)
5) A method of stabilizing a bone while it heals by applying plates, screws or
supportive hardware that sticks out of the body (external fixation, traction,
internal fixation)
Plurals: Circle the correct singular or plural term to match the context of the
1) The (epiphysis , epiphyses) are the enlarged ends of a long bone.
2) The distal (phalynx , phalanges) of the ring finger was fractured.
3) Scoliosis was present in the 3rd to 7th thoracic (vertebra, vertebrae)
4) ) A (prosthesis, protheses) was implanted in the left hip following a
comminuted fraction of the iliac and pubis.
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