Ch 4-6 - Bakersfield College

L. Larkin
Study Guide
Chapters 4-6
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Chapter 4
 Review the key words listed in your chapter
 List and describe the fundamentals of verbal messages
 Distinguish between a language community, dialect, speech community, & idiolect
 Explain the seven general characteristics of language
 Identify and define Grice’s four conversational maxims
 Identify the ways for improving semantic, pragmatic, and sociolinguistic
 Discuss what is meant by linguistic sensitivity
Chapter 5
 Review the key words listed in your chapter.
 Identify the five characteristics of nonverbal communication
 Explain the five primary functions of nonverbal communication
 Discuss the four different types of nonverbal communication
 Explain the purpose of a vocal interference. Give examples.
 Describe the various usages of space and what violations of those expectations
might result in
 List the six universal facial expressions
 Discuss ways that you can improve your nonverbal messages
Chapter 6
 Review the key words listed in your chapter.
 Identify and describe the three main functions of communication in a relationship
 Describe the ways that relationships differ and can be categorized
 Describe the basic dimensions or aspects of relationships
 Discuss the role of self-disclosure and feedback in relationships
 List and explain the guidelines for self-disclosure
 Describe the life-cycle of relationships and theories of how relationships change