Ch 10-12 - Bakersfield College

L. Larkin
Study Guide
Chapters 10-12
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Be sure to read each of your chapters, but focus especially on the following areas:
Chapter 10
 Review the key words listed in your chapter
 What is the difference between self-disclosure and privacy management?
 What are the guidelines for appropriate self-disclosure?
 Discuss each of the skills one can use for effective self-disclosure and privacy
 What is the difference between praising and constructively criticizing?
 Describe the guidelines for appropriately asking for criticism/feedback, praising, and
giving constructive criticism.
Chapter 11
 Review the key words listed in your chapter
 Describe each of the sources of interpersonal power.
 Discuss the elaboration likelihood model (ELM).
 List the approaches to asserting rights and expectations and the characteristics of
 Describe the guidelines for using assertive message skills.
 Discuss the guidelines for making a complaint, making a request, or refusing a
Chapter 12
 Review the key words listed in your chapter
 What are the characteristics of interpersonal conflict?
 Describe each of the stages of managing conflict.
 Discuss the destructive behaviors that often occur in conflicts.
 Describe the aspects of a collaborative conflict conversation.
 What are the guidelines to mediating conflict?
 How does your author suggest we recover from conflict?
 What is meant by flaming?