Ordinary People & Interpersonal Communication Test

Ordinary People
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Interpersonal Communication
Have your Interpersonal Communication Notes out during the movie.
Take notes during the movie on this sheet of paper.
All answers require specific examples from the video.
Word-process or print your answers on a separate sheet of paper.
1. Conrad and Jeanine follow the stages of a relationship in a clear manner. We
know this by listening to and observing their communication patterns. Discuss
their progression through the stages; give at least two (2) examples of dialogue
for each stage you identify them as having passed through.
2. In what relationship stage would you characterize the relationship between
Calvin and Beth? Explain how you know this.
3. Identify three different crazy-maker examples from the video. It does not matter
if you choose one character for all three or a combination of characters. Give a
detailed description for each.
4. How is the concept of self-disclosure treated by members of this family? Explain
Conrad’s views on self-disclosure, Beth’s views on self-disclosure, and Calvin’s
views on self-disclosure all separately. (Consider concepts of trust and risk and
how comfortable characters are in sharing individual level information.)
5. Which level of Maslow’s Hierarchy does Beth tend to focus on? Please give
examples to back up your answer.