US History 2 Marking Period 3: Civil Rights Era Mr. Romano

US History 2
Marking Period 3: Civil Rights Era
Mr. Romano
This guide is being provided to show you the scope of this marking period, what content
you will be learning, and what assessments will be expected of you.
The 3rd Marking Period of US History 2 is designed to examine the struggles of minorities and the
poor following WWII, and what was done through the work of the American legal and political
system to make change. By the end of this MP, you should be able to explain types of struggles
various groups of people endured, who were the heroes and leaders of this time period, and what
the legal and political system was able to do based on the efforts of collectivized individuals.
Part 1: The 1940s’ and 1950’s Civil Rights Movement Begins
The Great Migration; Executive Order 9901; Jackie Robinson and “42”; Mendez vs. Westminster;
Brown vs. Board of Ed; Hernandez vs. Texas; Rosa Parks; Little Rock 9
Part 2: The Post-War Boom and What it Meant for American Lifestyle
The Post-War Boom; The Baby Boom; Suburban Sprawl; “Happy Days” vs. “This Boy’s Life”
Part 3: The 1960s Civil Rights Movement
Sit-Ins and Freedom Rides; The Feminine Mystique; “I Have a Dream” Speech; Civil Rights Act
of 1964; Voting Rights Act of 1965; Great Society; King’s Assassination and “The Mountaintop”;
SNCC, The Black Panthers
Part 4: The Movement’s Legacy Then and Now
Nixon’s FAP and ERA; Watergate; The Equal Education Opportunity Act; Affirmative Action;
Rodney King Riots; Proc 4417 and the Civil Liberties Act
Assessment Type
Map Test—States in Eastern USA
Quiz 1—Part 1
Test 1—Parts 1 and 2
DBQ—Warren Court and Civil Rights
Quiz 3—Part 3
Test 2—Parts 3 and 4
DBQ—Civil Rights Struggles
Exam *
Class Participation
Max Pts
Total: 1000pts
Note: Exams are worth 20% of your MP grade; hence, “200”pts
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