Why is a MSc thesis in the Swedish Starfish

Master thesis opportunity - Swedish Starfish
Work with Sweden’s TOP retailing companies (e.g., ICA, KF and Bergendahls) in the exciting
collaborative project “Swedish Starfish” and help these companies reduce environmental
impact and increase transport efficiency.
Transportation in the Nordic countries typically accounts for more than 50% of total logistics costs
and is freight transport accounts for 7% of global CO2 emissions. Reducing empty-running by
improving consolidation presents an opportunity for both reducing cost and environmental impact.
In 2011, IGD, the Brittish retail organization sponsored the collaborative research project “Starfish”
(http://www.igd.com/Documents/IGD%20documents/IGD's%20charitable%20impact.pdf) in order to
identify opportunities for both back-haul and consolidation. 27 companies, including all major retail
suppliers and stores, revealed company sensitive data to a research team. The project became a
large success and identified 17,6% reduction of external costs.
Swedish Starfish
Encouraged by the success of the UK Starfish, the industry now wants a Swedish Starfish! Several
companies have already declared a positive interest in one of the most exciting collaborative projects
ever carried out. CLOSER is the facilitator of the Swedish Starfish.
Why is a MSc thesis in the Swedish Starfish project the perfect start of a SCM career?
Starfish puts your analytical skill into practice and gives you extensive insight into retail
logistics and freight transports.
The opportunity to build your personal network with SCM Managers from Sweden’s leading
retail and wholesale companies.
Payment (up to 40 000SEK per student)
Traveling expected, costs reimbursed.
Good opportunities to win prizes and awards. The supervisor, Dr. Henrik Sternberg, has
previously supervised 6 Msc thesis that have won a total of 7 awards from International
Cargo Handling Association, Sveriges Åkeriföretag, PLAN and Lean Forum.
Who are we looking for?
We are looking for two ambitious students interested in SCM and freight transport. You have to be
be socially competent, have basic modelling skills, be prepared to make 5-10 trips in Sweden and
speak fluent Swedish
Send your application to henrik.sternberg@tlog.lth.se . The projects starts in January. Please feel free
to contact the project leader and supervisor for questions and applications: Dr. Henrik Sternberg,
Teknisk Logistik, and +46723612556.