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About PerStat
Helping Patients, Our Primary Goal
PerStat Medical Systems, Inc. was chartered and
incorporated in 1993 to provide Platelet Gel for
surgical procedures. Formal, full clinical business
operations with perfusion and autotransfusion
began in 1998.
PerStat Medical Systems, Inc. has since grown into
a recognized Houston-based perfusion company,
providing personnel in established hospital
programs, as well as assisting hospitals with the
development of newly established Heart programs.
Employees provide PTCA standby, autotransfusion,
plasmapheresis, platelet gel, IABP setup and initial
timing (monitoring is done by ICU nursing staff), and,
of course, operation of the Heart-Lung machine.
All PerStat Perfusionists are graduates of CAHEA
approved perfusion programs, Certified Clinical
Perfusionists (CCP), American Board of
Cardiovascular Perfusion (ABCP) Certified, and
Texas Licensed. PerStat Autotransfusionists are
Certified Autotransfusionists, and Registered
Autologous Blood Therapists. The highest quality
medical care available is rendered by our
experienced perfusionists and autotransfusionists;
they are known and respected members of the
medical community.
Customer satisfaction is our primary goal! We
maintain the training, experience, and qualifications
necessary to provide full clinical perfusion, and
autotransfusion services, including
apheresis/sequestration surgical services for all
hospital programs needing to provide clinical
perfusion surgical services more efficiently, and
deliver health care services to its patients and the
people it serves.
Enhancing Your
Cardiovascular Program
PerStat Medical Systems, Inc.
2625 Bay Area Blvd, Ste. 2605
Houston, TX 77058
T: 281-488-0741
F: 281-488-0769
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PerStat Medical Systems, Inc
How PerStat Can Help
What is Perfusion?
In the specialized field of perfusion, perfusionists are required to
assess, plan, and implement patient requirements. If necessary,
perfusionists treat patients by assisting in cardiopulmonary bypass
before, during, and after surgery by effective utilization of the
heart/lung machine.
A certified, clinical perfusionist holds three primary responsibilities:
 Management of cardiopulmonary bypass
 Performance with ancillary perfusion procedures, and
 Management of all information within the operating room
PerStat assists in developing and organizing
bloodless surgery programs.
PerStat personnel are Certified Autotransfusionists
and Registered Autologous Blood Therapists.
Personnel are cross-trained to use devices from
every major manufacturer.
Employees maintain a 30 minute response time for
emergency situations.
PerStat provides consignment supplies, and provides
equipment rental.
PerStat works with existing hospital equipment and
disposables to help alleviate costly expenses.
PerStat offers bundled prices for perfusion,
autotransfusion, and platelet gel services.
Cell Salvage
Additional Services
Autotransfusion Services
Autotransfusion is considered when blood loss from a clean, surgical
wound is in excess of 20% or more. During the autotransfusion
 Blood is salvaged, processed, and reinfused to the patient
without complication.
 Autotransfusion is the safest form of blood transfusion a
patient can receive.
 Autotransfusion concentrates red blood cells free of activated
platelets, activated clotting factors, activated compliments,
extracellular potassium, and free hemoglobin.
 This process holds no risk of infectious disease transmission,
and transfusion reactions.
 Since autotransfusion remains an immediate source of
autologous blood, it is accepted by Jehovah's Witnesses.
Platelet Gel Services
Platelet gel is an autologous source of a concentrated mix of plateletderived growth factor (PDGF), along with transforming growth factorbeta (TGF). When used in surgery, operations, post-operative
procedures, or wound healing, platelet gel:
Improves healing time
Decreases pain
Decreases the risks of infection
Promotes bone regeneration
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