The Diary of Anne Frank Act I Study Guide DIRECTIONS: Use the

The Diary of Anne Frank
Act I Study Guide
DIRECTIONS: Use the text as support for your responses to all of the following parts. All of
your responses should be done on a separate sheet of paper in the Homework section of
your English binder (however, if you choose to, you may type your responses instead).
Part I – Vocabulary in Context: Read the definitions (at the bottom of the pages
throughout Act I) of the following vocabulary words from Act I of the play. Based on the
definitions and context clues, write your own original sentence for EACH vocabulary word
in Act I. Make sure that you include an appropriate level of context within your sentences
and that you adhere to the vocabulary word’s part of speech (included for your benefit).
Capitulation (n)
Mercurial (adj)
Pantomime (n)
Indignantly (adv)
Deport (v)
Makeshift (n/adj)
Sustenance (n)
Conspicuous (adj)
Unabashed (adj)
Dignified (adj)
Domestic (adj)
Fortify (v)
Reproachfully (adv)
Tyranny (n)
Ostentatiously (adv)
Part II – Characterization: Utilize the text to characterize THREE of the following
characters from Act I of the play. Remember that for each character you select to analyze,
you must use TWO BEHAVIORAL characteristics that are mature, sophisticated, grade-level
appropriate, and different enough from one another that your text-based examples are not
the same or too similar. Remember, most texts do not clearly say that a certain character is
this kind of characteristic or that kind of characteristic; your analysis of a character should
be based on that character’s actions, thoughts, feelings, words, interactions with other
characters, and/or other characters’ perceptions of him or her.
Mr. Frank
Mrs. Frank
Anne Frank
Margot Frank
Miep Gies
Mr. Van Daan
Mrs. Van Daan
Peter Van Daan
Mr. Dussel
Mr. Kraler
Part III – Plot Content: Respond to ALL of the following plot-related questions below.
Remember to use the text to support your responses. As always, all responses should be in
complete sentences.
Compare/contrast the appearance of the annex between the first two scenes.
Where is the “Secret Annex” hiding place located and how is it accessed?
Describe a typical day of “hiding”.
Describe Mr. Van Daan’s behavior toward Mr. Dussel. Why is he acting like this? What is
Peter’s reaction to his father’s behavior?
Contrast Anne’s relationship with her father and her relationship with her mother.
What gifts does Anne give out for Hanukkah?
What happens during the Hanukkah celebration that scares everyone?
What is your opinion of these people’s decision to celebrate Hanukkah?