Anne Frank

Anne Frank
The Holocaust started in 1933 and ended in
The Holocaust
1845. At that time, Adolf Hitler was the leader who
was in control of all of this. The result of the
Holocaust was 55 million deaths and mainly Jewish
people died. Once a Jew was caught, they would have
been killed or brought to concentration camps, death
camps, or ghettos where they would have to do labor
and live in hard conditions, many died from
tuberculosis and typhus.
Katherine P.
Anne Frank
Anne Frank, short for Annelies Marie Frank, was born on June 12th, 1929 in Frankfurt am Maine,
Germany. In 1933 her family (father: Otto Frank, mother: Edith Frank, sister: Margot Frank) moved to
Amsterdam. Later, Nazi’s invaded Amsterdam and she went into hiding with Peter Van Daan, Mrs. Van
Daan, Mr. Van Daan, Albert Dussel, and her family in her dads spice company. 2 years later, they got
caught and Anne was sent to Bergen- Belson concentration camp. Anne died in 1947 of typhus at age 15.
My Reflection
I think the story has such a life lesson put
into it. One of the aspects I think thats taught in the
story is to live with no regret because when Anne
wanted to go to Peters room, Mrs. Frank and Van
Daan did not want her to, but she did, and if she
didn’t just go for it then she would have never had
her first kiss. After I read the story it made me very
sad and angry that one person (Adolf Hitler) could
be able to kill 55 million innocent human beings. At
the end, I just wish that people would understand
that everyone is different and would stop
discriminating against one enough, even in todays