The Diary of Anne Frank

Act One Questions and
 1. What
year is it when the play begins?
 2. Where is Mr. Frank when the play
 3. What causes his flashback?
 4. Write a simile based on the play.
 5. Write a metaphor based on the play.
1. What year is it when Scene 2 begins?
2. How old is Anne?
3. What country are they in?
4. What must Jews wear on their clothes to signify their religion?
5. How do the Franks and Van Daans bring their clothes into
6. Where are the Franks hiding (building)?
7. What has Peter brought with him that Anne was not allowed to
8. What is the rule about running water or going to the bathroom?
9. Describe the living conditions in the secret annex. Use
information from the play. Cite the scene.
10. Why has Mr. Frank allowed the Van Daans to say with them?
11. How does Anne feel about the yellow star that is different from
the way Peter feels? Use quotes from the play. Cite the scene.
12. Who is Miep?
13. Who is Mr. Kraler?
14. What two things does Mr. Frank bring for
 15. What do these gifts tell you about Mr. Frank’s
relationship with Anne?
 16. What does Anne find out when she says she’s
going downstairs for a pencil?
 17. What present does Anne get for her birthday?
 18. Explain Mr. Frank’s quote to Anne: “There are
no walls, there are no bolts, no locks that anyone
can put on your mind.”
 19. How
does Anne feel about being in
hiding? Use quotes from the play.
 20. How does Anne feel that her mother
treats her? Use quotes from the play.
 23. Write an alliteration based on the
 24. Write a personification based on
something in the play.
 25. Write a hyperbole based on the play.
1. Mrs. Quack Quack. What is the author’s purpose
for including this event in the play?
 2. Write a paragraph explaining some of the
disagreements between the Van Daans. Reference
dialogue from the play. Make sure you have a topic
sentence that uses words from this prompt.
 3. What are some of the things Mr. Van Daan does that
cause Peter shame? Mrs. Van Daan?
 4. How do the conflicts that characters have seem
almost insignificant when Mr. Dussell tells them what
has been going on outside? Explain why.
 5. What conflicts arise between Anne and Mr.
Dussell? Why?
 1.
As Act I, scene 4 opens, what is Mr.
Van Daan doing?
 2. What does Anne’s nightmare in scene
4 tell the audience about her?
1. What is Hanukkah?
2. What is a Menorah?
3. How does Anne make Hanukkah special for each
 4. Define irony
 a. Explain the irony of Mr. Van Daan’s complaint about
Mouschi’s eating up all of the food.
 5. What happens during the Hanukkah celebration
that causes fear among the group?
 6. Mrs. Van Daan thinks a thief may never tell that
they are in hiding. Mr. Dussell disagrees with her,
saying a thief might make a bargain with the Green
Police in exchange for information about people in
hiding. Which is the more logical conclusion? Why?