August 27, 2015
8/28/15 – Irwin Parent Envelope
Donuts for Dads
9/3/15 – Parent Meeting CogAT
9/8/15-9/10/15 – 2nd Grade CogAT
Testing Window
Second Grade Newsletter
What We Are Learning
Readers’ Workshop – Students will be able to: demonstrate what
a reader looks like in second grade, choose a just-right book, treat
books like a treasure, and understand how to help themselves when
the teacher is busy.
Writers’ Workshop – Students will be able to: demonstrate what a
writer looks like in second grade, brainstorm topics they can write
about, and pick ideas for a story.
Math – Students will be able to: complete analogies to review for
CogAT and complete addition and subtraction equations.
Science – Students will be able to: work cooperatively as partners
to complete STEM projects and be able to problem solve.
Social Studies – Students will be able to: communicate
information about themselves as we build a classroom community
and work as a class to set norms and expectations for our second
grade school year.
Special Requests
Second Grade
Dear Parents,
Please review these basic school rules with your child. Each
classroom has been working on class rules and expectations as
a group. Your individual teacher will provide the classroom rules
that are specific for their class.
Room 100
Monica Lee
I will stay on task at all times (Eyes are watching)
I will follow all staff directions (Ears are Listening)
I will keep my hands and feet to myself (Hands
I will show respect for people and property (Feet
I will be ready to learn!(Minds are ready)
Room 102
Andrea Kebert
Room 106
Melissa Mottet
Working together as a team
Irwin Academic Center
Reading Strategies
1. Eagle Eye –Use picture clues to help you
read words you do not know.
2. Listening Lion
Does what you read make sense?
Lips the Fish
Get your lips ready to read!
4. Stretchy the Snake
S-T-R-E-T-C-H the word out slowly.
5. Skippy the Kangaroo
Skip over words you don't know.
6. Flippy the Dolphin
Flip the vowel sounds (try long and short
vowel sound).
7. Chunky the Monkey
Look for word chunks.
Special requests
Dear Parents,
We are continuing to add items to our
classrooms to create the best environment
for Personalized Learning. If you are able
to purchase any additional items for the
classroom, please see your teacher’s
individual wish list in the classroom.
Second Grade