General Session Updates - CMS High School Social Studies

Curriculum Day 2015-2016
Curriculum Specialists:
Drew Hammill
John Nabors
Meet the Social Studies Team!
A glimpse into an alternate universe
where SPORTSCENTER has expanded
around the clock academic coverage
What are your highlights going to be this year?
The Ashbrook Institute has generously
provided our social studies team with
multiple dates for academic conversations
on American History topics.
The Seminar Overview
● Will run from 8:30 - 3:30
● Be led by a professor with expertise on
the topic
● Are free!
● Get paid to attend!
The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library has teamed up with CMS to
allow ONE Access.
● This will allow students
easy access to
everything the public
library has to offer.
● The team is also
working a site that
allows students to
navigate through
primary documents and
digital tools for
enhancing reading skills
New SchoolNet questions have
been uploaded to the database
bringing our total to over 3,000
test items.
Focus on verbs Understand,
Apply, Analyze and Evaluate.
Available as a test bank
Across K-12
News! From Advanced Studies
There is a new AP Master Teacher
selection process.
● At least 5 years of AP teaching experience
● Application due by Sept. 4
Opportunities for Continued Support.
New AP Teacher Orientation
● Saturday Sept. 26
● Location TBD
● 8:30 - 11:30
College Board One-Day Training
● Oct. 23
● Phillip O Berry
● 7:30-3:30
● AP Psych and APUSH
*ASW is Here!
Canvas gives students and
teachers one location to own
and manage learning. It is a
way to simplify teaching and
learning by connecting all
the digital tools teachers use
in one easy place. It
dramatically increases
communication and
personalizes the classroom.
2015-2016 MLK Jr. Arts and Writing Contest
“A Vision of Unity”
Applications will be sent out by the end of
September. Be on the lookout on the main
WIKI pages as well as the monthly newsletter!
Updated Curriculum Guides!
Teams of teachers were
assembled to update
curriculum guides for World
History and AHFPCE (?)
Can be found on CMS Social
Studies Wiki
Complete with Performance
Problem-Attic Free Access for the following
schools operating under the IMPACT Grant
OHS- Renaissance
Rocky River
Myers Park
Mallard Creek
North Meck
East Meck
West Charlotte
Ardrey kell
South Meck
West Meck
CMS Making It Better Website!
Resources Designed with Active
Citizenship in Mind!
Classroom Resources
Professional Development
Parent Resources
To register an account:
Organization Code is: ENGAGE
Current events continue to
escalate the coverage and
discussion of race, gender,
identity, and economics.
The intersection of these
topics in the lives of
students will drive many of
the discussions that may
take place in your class
How do we as
teachers facilitate
and respond to
these complex
issues when they
CMS and Civic Engagement
Good Luck!
Please keep in mind the Social
Studies leaders meeting dates
found in your program
If you have any questions or
feedback on improving Social
Studies this year please contact
Course Name: SST Social
Studies Curriculum Day Setting a Higher Standard for
All - 2015-2016
Course Number: 415022
*be sure register for the correct
location: Alexander Graham