One of the biggest changes of
the mid-20th century was the
rapid increase in globalization
What is
Globalization is the increased flow of trade, people,
technology, culture, & ideas among countries
Today, globalization is
…advances in technology
most associated with
& communication…
international trade &
…& increase in
multinational corporations…
cultural diffusion
Globalization has been around for centuries
but has been rapidly increasing since 1990
What has led to
increased globalization?
The World Trade
The United Nations Organization (WTO)
promotes free trade
settles trade
disputes among
OPEC is a cartel of
member nations oil producing nations
Globalization has increased due to
lowered trade barriers, new trade
organizations, & increased communication
What are some positive
effects of globalization?
Increased trade
Companies lower costs & prices
gives people more
by buying materials & hiring
goods & services
workers from other countries
Creates jobs & raises Globalization increases access
standard of living
to medicine & technology
What are some negative
effects of globalization?
Globalization increases the gap Outsourcing leads to
between the developed nations low-paying jobs in
& developing nations
developing nations
Globalization increases spread of Western culture
& resentment among non-Western nations
Globalization increases environmental pollution
& the depletion of natural resources
What are some effects of
multinational businesses?
Multinational corporations (MNCs) operate in
multiple countries in order to gain raw materials,
assemble products, & sell throughout the world
Can you name 1 of the top 10 multinational corporations
in the world? (Hint: only 1 is shown in this image)
What is the future of
Globalization Essay Prompt
We have already begun thinking about the essay for Test 10. (What is Progress?) Obviously world history continues
after you guys walk out of my room. Currently there are many global crises in the world. Over the next few days be
thinking about what YOU think are the greatest threats to humanity. (economic trends? Environmental? Run away
technology (nuclear proliferation)? Racism? Class Elitism? Etc.…)
For the Test 10 essay you are going to define what you think is the single greatest global threat to humanity then
propose a solution. (Remember we are WORLD History, not US History.) Or you can explain why this threat will
destroy humanity. I cannot grade any of this since its opinion and conjecture. But to prove why your solution will
work, or why humanity is doomed, you have to find civilizations we have studied from the past that faced similar
problems. How did they deal with these problems? Were they successful? Could they have been successful? Why
were they destroyed?
The more historical examples and time periods you use to define the problem and solution the better your grade
will be. I will only grade your use of history in the argument, not the argument itself. No aliens or supernatural
technological inventions that don’t exist.
Example: (Nuclear weapons have not existed very long….. but have there been civilizations dating back to the
classic era that had trouble controlling their technology, the way the 1st world has failed to control its technology
You can get in debate groups with your friends and/or family and argue against their views, or argue to support
yours. The more you discuss, the more connections you can make to history. This is also a chance for you to express
your ideas on history and humanity. Just keep making connections to the past to validate your views. So the
question is…. What is Progress?? Where do we go from here? What has to happen to Progress as a species? You can
write practice drafts and have me proof read and suggest historical connections. On test day, you must write from a
blank piece of paper after completing the MC section. You cannot use any notes or outlines.