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IISc, Bangalore is starting a
new M Tech Program in
“Transportation and
Engineering” from August
Electives **
The Department of Civil
Engineering will anchor the
M Tech programme
Core Courses
Driver Vision Screen Tester
Radar Gun
There is a great demand for
Transportation and Infrastructure
Engineering Professionals, in
view of the huge investments
currently made into
transportation related
infrastructure. The new M Tech
programme will thus be able to
find many employers from
Government and Private
companies, Public sector
undertakings, besides teaching
and research institutions within
the country and abroad.
 Linear and Nonlinear Optimization
or equivalent mathematics
course (compulsory)
 Urban Transportation Systems
 Traffic Engineering
 Sustainable Urban Planning and
Design of Reinforced Concrete &
Masonry Structures
 Foundation Engineering
 Design of Water Supply and
Sewerage Systems
 Game Theory
 Modeling and Simulation
 Solid Mechanics
 Environmental engineering
 Fluid Mechanics
Admissions to the M Tech program
are done once in a year - in August.
Visit our website
for more information on M Tech
admission. The admission is open to
sponsored candidates from
identified organizations.
• Mini Project
• Dissertation Project
Transportation Engineering
• Geo-informatics in
Transportation Engineering
• Transportation System
• Pavement Evaluation,
Rehabilitation and Maintenance
• Intelligent Transportation Systems
• Economic Evaluation and Analysis
of Transportation Projects
Urban Infrastructure Engineering
• Remote Sensing and GIS for Water
Resources and Environmental
• Ground Improvement
• Basic Geo mechanics
• Earth Retaining Structures
• Earthquake Geotechnical
System Sciences
Convex Optimization
Applied Operations Research
Data Structures and Algorithms
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Artificial Intelligence
** Please visit
for complete list of courses
Prof. T.G. Sitharam (CE)
Dr. Anjula Gurtoo (MS)
Prof. Anurag Kumar (ECE)
Prof. Ananth Ramaswamy (CE)
Dr. Andre Pittet (CEDT)
Dr. Ashish Verma (CE)
Prof. C. Bhattacharya (CSA)
Prof. J.M. Chandra Kishen (CE)
Dr. H.N. Chanakya (CST)
Prof. H.S. Jamadagni (CEDT)
Prof. M.S. Mohan Kumar (CE)
Prof. D. Nagesh Kumar (CE)
Dr. K.S. Nanjunda Rao (CE)
Dr. Parameshwar Iyer (MS)
Dr. Parthasarathy Ramachandran
Dr. T.V. Ramachandra (CES)
Prof M. Sekhar (CE)
Prof. G.L. Sivakumar Babu (CE)
Prof. B.V. Venkatarama Reddy (CE)
The Chairman
Centre for infrastructure, Sustainable
Transportation, and Urban Planning
(CiSTUP), Indian Institute of Science
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