revision for pdhpe and the hsc

What should I be doing over the next
10 weeks.
Activity 1:
Exam techniques questionnaire
Answer to the the questions.
How many questions are there in section 1 Part A of the HSC PDHPE paper? 20
What types of questions are in section 1 Part A of the HSC PDHPE paper? multiple choice
The first half of these questions relate to which section of the PDHPE syllabus? Core 1
What mark value is Section1 part A of the HSC PDHPE paper? 20 marks
How much reading time is allowed in the HSC PDHPE examination? 5 minutes
What should you do during the reading time? Read all of the questions
How much writing time is allowed in the HSC PDHPE examination? 3 hours
Question 21 relates to which Core of the syllabus? Core 1
How many parts might Question 21 have? Up to 3
Questions 27-31 relate to which section of the PDHPE syllabus? Option modules
How much time should you allocate to Question 22? About 1 hour 10 minutes
How much time should you allocate to the multiple choice? Approx 40 minutes
Where do I write my answers to the Core questions? On the exam paper
Where do I write my answers to the Option questions? In the writing booklet
How many option questions should I answer? Two options that I have studied
How many markers read my answers? At least two
How do they know what mark to give my answer? They use marking guidelines
What happens if markers give different marks for my answer? It is called a discrepancy and then it is marked a
third time
Will the markers read or mark my plan? yes
Am I penalised for writing information that is incorrect in my answer? NO
Activity 2
For each question below go through the process of breaking down the question by:
Underlining the key word
Circle the syllabus content
Highlight the links or relationships that must be addressed in the question.
Explain why injury and diabetes have been identified as national health priority areas.
8 marks
(2008 HSC Exam)
Analyse how building healthy public policy can address TWO national health priority areas you have
12 marks
(2007 HSC Exam)
Explain how characteristics of the learner and the learning environment affect the acquisition of skill.
8 marks
(2007 HSC Exam
Activity 3
In pairs, you are going to prepare a plan of attack to answer the
following extended response questions from a previous HSC examination.
Question 21
Describe the inequities of health status experienced by people of low
socio economic status in Australia.
(5 marks)
Go through the following process to plan your attack:
Read the question slowly at least twice
Underline the key word/s in the question that tells you HOW to answer
the question.
What does this key word require you to do
to answer this question?
Response requires main points with brief
explanation of each and relevant example/s.
List the key areas of the syllabus to address
when answering this question.
Critical Question 2 - What are the priority issues for improving Australia’s health?
Students learn about:
groups experiencing health inequities
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
socioeconomically disadvantaged people
people in rural and remote areas
overseas-born people
the elderly
people with disabilities
Students learn to:
research and analyse Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and ONE other group experiencing
health inequities by investigating:
the nature and extent of the health inequities
the sociocultural, socioeconomic and environmental determinants
the roles of individuals, communities and governments in addressing the health inequities
Prepare a mind map of points to include in
your response. Use arrows to highlight the
links between syllabus content that need to be
drawn out in your response.
Identify the links or relationships between
syllabus content areas that need to be