Lois A. Flowers
3518 Maywood Lane, Apt. 3
Suitland, MD 20746
Mobile: 571/2427720
I am an Executive Assistant. Over 10 years of exceptional executive support experience
with various non-Profit and fortune 500 companies (Public Broadcasting Service,
Independent Insurance Brokers of America, America Online, and Computer Sciences
Corporation, Grant Thornton). I have extensive knowledge in administrative support for
executive, office management, and client service support. Over 10 years of proven
experience in administrative and forging strong relationships with internal and external
partners. I work as a consumer advocate and promote financial literacy to customers.
Professional Experience
Herndon, VA 8/2013-Present
Contracts Administrator
(CDWG client of Contract Agency: Stafflogix/Cor-Tech)
Report to DOD Program Manager
Assist the program manager in performing market research and compiling, interpreting and
evaluating data from a variety of sources. Validate conventional purchasing practices prior
to placing order by tracking changes in cost, availability from established suppliers, valuate
fluctuations in rates of usage, and use of alternative sources of supply. Securing supplies
and services through use of both formally advertised and negotiated procurements;
administering contracts and reviewing procurement actions to determine cost effectiveness
and compliance with contract terms, legal, and regulatory requirements; noting any delays,
and reviewing contractual documentation for completeness, accuracy, proper inclusions,
consistency; researching error when gaps and inconsistencies in the information are
identified and investigating complaints regarding purchases. Use primarily firm fixed-price,
time and materials, indefinite delivery, or similar contracts when historical and precedent
data are available. Track status of contractually specified deliveries; respond to and address
in-routine inquiries relating to unforeseen needs, contract clauses, contract policies, and
procedures and regulations to prepare correspondence, and contracting documents. and to
store and retrieve contracting data. Evaluate the acceptance of equivalent or replacement
items. Purchase specialized one of a kind equipment, supplies, or services for DOD where
there are specific guidelines to follow. Perform program management support work to
include duties such as monitoring and initial screening of incoming DOD computer part
submissions and administrative document review and analysis. Create, examine, edit
contract status reports and technical documents for consistency and timeliness by utilizing
one or more automated systems which include word processing, spreadsheet, project
management, e-mail, graphic design and project management information systems in order
to maintain records, reports, and enter information into the
contract/procurement/acquisition database.
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
Washington, DC 8/2011 – 8/2012
Consumer Response Technician
Mission Statement:
I am currently part of the Consumer Response Team, working as a Consumer Response
Specialist. One of my primary responsibilities is to restore and maintain the faith of
common people in the banking system. Consumer faith is one of the motivators that drive
me to go out and perform my job above and beyond to protect and safeguard their rights. I
have basic knowledge of bank compliance and operations functional areas. I have
proactively attended and successfully completed job related trainings and certifications.
Duties and Responsibilities:
 Investigate complaints against major lending institutions and other financial
companies to determine validity of complaint. Responsible for mediating the
between the consumer and the financial institution. Because complaint information
is highly sensitive and confidential. I am required to exercise a high level of skill to
protect the confidentiality of consumer's information. This investigation often
warrants further review by the civil enforcement division and sometimes results in
the imposition of fines for regulatory violations.
 Manages the Right Now database to enter, revise, sort, retrieve and track consumer
complaint data. Perform quality assurance check to ensure complaint is matched to
the correct financial institution. If necessary contact consumer to verify data.
Perform database searches using Bankfind, Conference of State Bank Supervisors
(CSBS) and Nationwide Mortgage Licensing Systems and Registry (NMLS) for source
 Process, written inquiries and requests from consumers, financial institutions,
and/or other government agencies about financial products and services such as
credit cards, mortgages, other loans, debt collection, and credit bureaus. Identifies
and reports trends in consumer complaints to line managers and other divisions of
 Maintains detailed record logs to track incoming written communication from
intake receipt to distribution. Serve as a liaison between Consumer Response and
other CFPB departments, major lending institutions whose assets are $10 Billon and
over and/or certain financial institutions divisions. Provides Right Now database
training to others per team lead direction. Participates in small working groups to
develop procedures on how to utilize the financial institution locator tool.
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC)
Washington, DC 10/2009 –
Administrative Assistant
Overview Statement:
I worked as part of the Standard Termination Compliance Division working in standard
Employee Retirement Income
Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). I have proactively attended and successfully
terminations filings. I have basic knowledge
completed job related trainings. I have successfully analyzed to determine appropriate
mechanism to ensure that the elderly receive their due pension benefit following employer
separation and/or business disruption.
Duties and Responsibilities:
 Log and track all incoming mail and determine if it is a pension plan standard
termination packet, coverage case, high priority/congressional request, or controlled
correspondence from individuals requesting research of individual pension benefits.
 Review all memorandums regarding refunds of money, transfer of moneys from the
missing participant account to the premiums account and premium's account to the
missing participant's account.
 Conduct research on incoming controlled correspondence in Image viewer database to
determine if it is Trustee and entered onto Excel spreadsheet and forwarded to the
Document Management Center (DMC) for further processing.
 Assigned the new cases among group and update database and spreadsheets.
 Managed, protected and disposed of records and other sensitive information per
(PBGC) policy and compliance.
Contractor for Various Agencies in Washington, DC 08/1989 – 10/2008
Administrative Support Positions
I worked over 16 years as administrative assistant at these companies: (XO
Communications, Sprint-Nextel, NEC, BDM, Cables & Wireless, Quest, L-3 Communications,
MCI, Columbia Electric and Gas, Exxon-Mobil, Library of Congress, U.S. Fish & Wildlife
Service, ManTech International, GTE, Concert, Litton-PRC, SAIC, Pratt PharmaceuticalsPfizer and Tandberg) During my service as a contractor I had the opportunity to perform
various tasks as office manager. I’ve worked independently or within a team and constantly
met challenges one after the other that have made me very strong in organizational and
time management skills for sudden priority readjustments to meet immediate deadlines.
Duties and Responsibilities:
 Controlled heavy scheduling commitments of Directors and Executives calendars. Set
up or declined meeting invitations in Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, notified all
participants of meeting changes and updated calendars.
 Informed Directors and other Executives of pending appointments, rescheduled
appointments as necessary, arranged for representation by a subordinate official upon
Director's request.
 Briefed Directors' on meeting's subject matter.
 Prepared, updated, printed out and distributed supporting documents and materials for
board meetings, to the Director and meeting participants on and off site conferences.
 Filter inquiries to the appropriate department or personnel within the organization.
 Screened, received and routed incoming telephone calls and visitors, ascertains the
nature of the inquiry or visit and when possible furnishes the requested information, or
tactfully refers them to other members of the office so as to conserve the time of the
 Received and read incoming correspondence, reports, instructions, etc., screening out
that portion that can be handled personally or should be routed to the branches in the
office without coming to the attention of the Director.
 In referring correspondence to others, assembles and attaches pertinent information
that may be in the Office of the Executive and will be needed in taking appropriate
action or responding to the writer.
 Typed, reviewed and scanned various confidential individual and corporate tax returns
utilizing Adobe Acrobat 7.0 and Marvin software.
 Prepared outgoing correspondence and materials for Executives’ signature that
included but were not limited to: contracts, spreadsheets, non-disclosure agreements,
addendums, revise table of contents, add fields in mail merge mailings, updated vendor
lists, and proposals for procedural and grammatical accuracy, clarity, consistency,
 Reviewed documents for compliance with the Director’s viewpoint for factual
correctness, adequacy of treatment, format, and that copies are appropriately identified
for routing and that appropriate attachments are included to be date stamped, archived,
and filed in manually created and maintained excel spreadsheets, on assigned network
file drive and contract file room.
 Prepared, received, and distributed or routed mail to appropriate person for action.
 Point of contact for guest escort and facilities requests to include executives'
blackberry accounts, cell phone accounts, office moves, conference room reservations
confirmations, cancellations or adjustments, transportation to and from office or off-site
conferences, dinner reservations, allocated office space for department, pc hardware
and phones in place, installation of correct software programs and established
passwords and passwords resets for visiting executives, field staff, new hires and
 Updated internal contract database by inputting entries and retrieving data.
 Maintained contract file room and assembled, labeled, and tracked boxes of contracts
to be picked up for off-site storage.
 Completed and met deadlines of assigned special projects, such as, contacting all of
CSC's executives and their assistants to confirm receipt of assigned conference call
 Researched and responded to executives and their assistants' questions: as to when
would be the old conference call numbers expire? When could they start using the new
assigned numbers? What is the process to obtain a new conference call number for
newly hired executives and their assistants
 Conducted work related internet research per Vice President's request.
 Prepared travel itineraries, meeting agendas, and made domestic and international
travel arrangements for Vice President and his staff.
 Monitored and approved employee work hours in CSC's eTES time reporting system,
requisition requests and secured ID on Vice President’s behalf.
 Daily acquired Executives’ breakfast and lunch and ensured that it stayed within their
dietary restrictions as well as coordinated and arranged for various caterers for Tax
Department’s Saturday workday and ordered special meals for staff members who had
dietary restrictions.
 Produced engagement letters, labels, memos, transmittal, invoices, and tax returns on
behalf of Partners and Tax Department's staff to be mailed utilizing courier service,
FedEx and UPS.
 Secured, routed and monitored confidential sensitive documents for signature to
appropriated personnel.
 Located, photocopied, stamped, logged, tracked, and filed all incoming and outgoing
correspondence in appropriate billing files, binders and tax files for Tax Department
 Retrieved hard copies and electronic copies of requested tax files and supporting
 Logged, tracked, updated, monitored and retrieved status data of clients' tax
documents in partners' individual MS Access databases and spreadsheets.
 Approved of staff members work hours in XO Communications Beeline time reporting
system on executive's behalf.
 Organized and prepared receipts for staffs' expense reports. Reconciled receipts
against credit card statements for proper credit and or errors. Secured hard copy of
executive's expense reports at my work station and provided a personal copy to
executive. Monitored and tracked approval status of expense reports and various types
of corporate development department's requisitions in Beeline software program.
Informed executives when they could expect reimbursement in payroll. Approved
expense reports in Beeline software program on executives' behalves so that expense
reports could be approved by President to be processed for payment.
 Point of contact for flight operations manifest, wait list status and meeting room
 Prepared and edited memos, agendas and spreadsheets for legal staff.
 Revised agreements, edited red line changes for clarity, consistency, completeness and
compliance per attorneys’ request.
 Prepared confidential documents and light dictation for attorneys and parties involved.
 Maintained legal files in Legal Department.
 Managed, prepared, and adjusted executive’s voice mail.
 Discretely responded to non-critical e-mail inquiries on executive’s behalf ensuring
clarity, consistency, completeness and compliance to organizational policy.
 Point of contact for conference attendees and conference facility, booked block of
rooms, catering and specific dietary requests, and transportation to and from
conference site and other staff related events; also the purchase of office supplies,
machine, and subscriptions needed in the daily operations of the staff.
 Managed and distributed weekly meeting minutes.
 Manage the process of receipt of engineering drawings from engineers and CAD
technicians to sort and arrange in the proper order for display.
 Project lead for department’s library of binders and floppy diskettes upkeep.
 Performed software downloads installations and PC setup.
 Coordinated annual operation budget figures from key staff members to submit to
Finance Department for quarterly review.
 Used various forms of (Verizon d/b/a MCI) to prepare, process, code, file, office
equipment warranties, building access and maintenance, training courses and tuition
reimbursement, performance appraisals, vacation time, new hires, courier service,
purchase orders, interdepartmental transfers and various applications and order office
supplies utilizing Word Star and Word Perfect on Windows 95 and DOS.
 Reviewed voice and e-mail using Lotus Notes 4.6, Group Wise, Netscape Communicator
and Microsoft Outlook.
Completed Job Related Trainings & Certifications
Regulatory University:
 Truth In Lending Equity Line of Credit (TILA)
 Truth In Lending (TILA Open and Closed End) Regulation Z
 Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)
 Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Truth in Savings Act Regulation DD)
 Unfair and Deceptive practices (UDAPP)
 Regulation Z (Advertising, Credit Card Lending Noncompliance Risks, Solicitations,
Applications and Credit Decision, Card Issuance and Account Servicing, Case Study,
CARD Act-Credit Cards and Home Equity Lines of Credit
 Expedited Funds Availability Act: Funds Availability (Regulation CC)
 RESPA: Good Faith Estimate
 RESPA: HUD-1A and Mortgage Fraud Awareness
 Mortgage Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC): Application Stage, Mortgage Home
Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) and Closing Stage
 Mortgage Refinance Loans: Applications Stage, Mortgage Refinance and Stage
Mortgage Refinance Loans: High-Cost Mortgage, Second Mortgages: Application Stage
and Closing Stage,
 Regulation Z: Loan Servicing Prohibitions
 RESPA: Escrow and Reverse Mortgages
 Principles of Banking: Electronic Banking
 Deposit Products – Overview
 Awareness: Remote Deposit Capture
 Motor Vehicle Lending: Unfair or Deceptive Acts and Practices
 Automated Clearing House (ACH) – Basics
 Awareness: Check 21
 Awareness: Remote Deposit Capture
 Awareness: Truth in Savings
 Customer Identification Program Basics
 Deposit Products – Overview
 Electronic Fund Transfer: Account Opening/Disclosures
 Principles of Banking: Electronic Banking
 Principles of Banking: The Check Payment Process
 Regulation CC: Funds Availability
 Regulation E: Gift Cards and Overdraft Protection
 Regulation M: Consumer Leasing
 Regulation Z: Student Loan Disclosures
Administrative Resource Center (ARC) (DC):
 Completed GovTrip 2012 Creating an Authorization and Creating a Voucher training
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Training University – USDA Graduate School:
 Completed 2010 Workshop Rules and Regulations training
 Completed USDA 2010 Grammar Refresher for Powerful Writing training
Knowlogy Training Center (DC):
 Microsoft Project Central 2000 Certification 01/2002
Fairfax County Public School Adult and Continued Education:
 DOS 2000 07/00
 MS Access 2000 06/00
 Create a Web Page using Office 2000 04/00
 HTML I 08/00
 Oracle8.i 05/00
Gary Job Corps Center, San Marcos, TX 07/1987 - 08/1988
Accounting Clerk and Office Procedures Certificate Program
West Memphis Senior High School, West Memphis, AR 05/1987
High School Diploma
Favorably Adjudicated Public Trust
Non-Active Department of Treasury 10 Year Minimum Background Investigation (MBI)
Level 5
Non-Active 7 Year National Agency Check Inquiries (NACI)