142"The only responsibility of corporate executives, provided they

142"The only responsibility of corporate executives, provided they stay within the law, is to
make as much money as possible for their companies."
Business is the modern economical foundation. The corporate executives' responsibility is
to make sure that their companies can make money, and let their employees can live on their
way.[1] However, being a corporate leader does not have the mission to help the needed, but if
he can stretch his hands to embrace the weak, the world will become better than yesterday.
Corporate executives have to make as much money as possible, because money is the
fundamental support to their enterprises. Nowadays, with information technology, we know
there are still many people who strive for living. Take Africa for example. Most people in the
continent are not so welfare. Many of them have health, poor, illiterate, and politic problems.
Fortunately, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a powerful assistance to help people
to improve their lives in Africa. The foundation are devoted to improving their living
conditions and trying to help them against to[2] HIV. Bill Gates, the wealthiest person in the
world, has no responsibilities to do that, but he does so many things to help them.
Moreover, the image of the enterprise is also very important to consumers. The feelings of
consumers are the keys to decide whether he/she will buy the company's product or not.
Therefore, if corporate executives not only make money, but also do some philanthropic
enterprise, people will feel that the businesses have the moral kinds to improve the whole world.
The attraction of a great enterprise is a magical power in business. People will intend to buy
product produced by a moral company rather than a company which only knows how to make
Another point of my view is business also has to consider in the view of consumers. For
example, Google does not put a lot of advertisement on their search pages. Most people use
Google is to search the information they want, not the advertisement. The Google's strategy
makes a unprecedented successful on[3] Internet.
In conclusion, the responsibility of corporate executives is not only to make as much
money as possible, but to find a balance between making money and try to think on consumers'
feet. Thus, consumers and enterprise can achieve a pareto efficiency to make a win-win
[1] live on one’s way ??
[2] against for ? to ?
[3] on Internet ? in Internet?
[4] corporate is an adj. 法人的