Test for Group A is Monday, December 17th Test for Group B is

Test for Group A is Monday, December 17th
Test for Group B is Tuesday, December 18th
Study Guide for Chapters 2 and 3
1. A natural environment includes natural resources such as: air, water, plants,
animals, birds, fish and soil.
2. Many American Indian groups told origin stories to explain how the Earth and
its people came to be.
3. Most American Indians settled in places that had rich natural resources.
4. As the first American Indians migrated to North America, they adapted by
using what was around them in nature and went in search of big game like,
the caribou.
5. The Hopis believed that people lived inside the earth.
6. The Inuits made snow goggles from the bone of animals.
7. The Sioux made pictographs using buffalo hides to record their history.
8. Scientists believe that the first Native Americans came from Asia and over a
land bridge to North America located at 60 degrees North Latitude. Some
tribes later moved to South America.
9. An object made and used by a group of people is called an artifact.
10. Nomadic means moving from place to place.
11. The Sioux Indians thought that the buffalo was a sacred animal because it
gave them food, shelter and clothing.
12. A pueblo is like an apartment building made of stone and adobe and was a
house built by the Hopi Indians.
13. The California Intermountain environment gave the Pomos tribe clamshells
from the ocean to make jewelry.
14. The American Indians of the Plateau region got water from large rivers.
15. Wigwams made from the Eastern Woodland Indians were made from small
trees and bark or mats.
16. The Seminoles of Florida wore deer-hide leggings to protect their legs from
sharp saw grass.
17. The Makahs of the Northwest region made their canoes and totem poles
from trees.
18. The Iroquois League of five tribes agreed not to make war among themselves.
19. A clay pot was an artifact made by the Hopis of the Southwest.
20. The birch bark canoe was an artifact made by the Eastern Woodland tribes.
21. The palm-leaf chickee house was an artifact made by the Seminoles in the
Bonus Question: Name the seven regions in North America where the first Native
Americans adapted to their environments.
Northwest Coast
The Plateau
The California Intermountain
The Southwest
The Plains
The Eastern Woodlands
The Southeast