Technology, innovation and sustainable production

sustainable production
Course presentation
Introductive concepts
The course aims are
1. Introduce the environmental implications of globalization.
2. Environmental issues in industrial strategy.
3. New opportunities in terms of technological innovation and
implementetion in the environmental issues.
4. Devolopment and sustainability at national, european and
international level.
5. Climate change, considering scientific evidences, energy
implications and policies in climate change
6. Casy study
Course Outline
Sustainable business development
Sustainable technology management
Innovation strategy
Innovation and technology
Technology transfer
Network and enterprises relations
R&D and its development and evaluation
Management tools of sustainability
Life cycle management
Case study
the sustainable
development concept
Some facts:
• 2.8 billion people (about half of world population) live on less
than $ 2 per day,
• 1.2 billion (a fifth) with less than $ 1 a day.
• 2 billion people , most of whom live in rural areas of
developing countries, without adequate access to modern
sanitation and energy, and have no infrastructure.
What’s sustainable development?
“development that meets the needs
of the present, without compromising
the ability of future generations to
meet their needs”
makes clear connection between economic, development and
The environment is the interaction between energy, transport,
infrastructure, agricultural policies and trade and development
requires a long-term considerations and the needs of future
Scientific definition:
a set of conditions physical, chemical
and biological on life takes place
Economic definition:
a set of natural resources
originating - do not create by
Natural recources
their quantity is variable and may be increased if the level of sampling is less than the
capacity to regenerate
their use reduces the existing stock in any case
Main causes of pollution
Population growth
Increase and concentration of industrial
Development in transportation and in agriculture activities
Pollution is…
variation in the composition of air,
soil and water
caused by the emission of
pollutants from chemical and
physical origine
Environmental problems…
Dispersion of Toxic Substances
Ozone Layer Depletion
Air Pollution
Urban Environmental Problems
Marine Environment & Coastal Zones
Water Pollution & Water Resources
Climate Change
Loss of Biodiversity
Resource Depletion