Child Care Choices

Full Workshop Descriptions and Presenters’ Bios:
Magic 123: Who is in charge at your house? (Sat 1-4pm)
Raising Preschoolers without Raising the Roof is a parent workshop
designed to teach and guide parents on how to survive the early
years while still enjoying their children. We examine setting limits,
finding a discipline style, tantrums, aggression, toileting,
feeding/eating , bedtime ,typical child development, and fun ways
to spend time with your children.
Facilitated by Cathy Nelson
Cathy Nelson is a parent of three children: 2 girls and 1 boy. She
currently teaches Foods and Nutrition at the Secondary School in
Dawson Creek, but was a Family Educator at the South Peace Child
Development Centre for 12 years where she worked with teen
parents and their children and did home visiting with families
experiencing difficulties, taught parenting workshops and started the
Building Blocks Family program.
Thank you to our Sponsors:
Positive Discipline
A three day Early Learning Conference for
parents and caregivers highlighting the critical
importance of the early years 0-6.
Thu. Fri. Sat. Oct.11-13th 2012
Kiwanis Performing Arts Center
1100 – 95th Avenue
Dawson Creek, BC
Register: Heidy Kux-Kardos
250.782.7045; Cell 250.719.5188
Cost $20
Full Workshop Descriptions and Presenters’ Bios:
Full Workshop Descriptions and Presenters’ Bios:
WTF Party: Where’s the family (Thur. 7-9pm)
It’s become harder to raise a family in Canada. Compared to the 1970s, the
generation raising young kids is squeezed for time at home because of the
rise of dual-earner homes, squeezed for income because wages from twoearners have not kept pace with housing prices, and squeezed for services
like child care. WTF? Where’s The Family in that? The WTF Party is to
rekindle the ‘sex, drugs and rock and roll’ of the 60s, and adapt it for our
generations. Now its time to mobilize generations under 45 to find our
voices, to question why we have a lower standard of living than our parents.
So…. come ready to drink, eat, laugh and be merry – and talk about what
we can do make a better deal for the generation raising kids. It’s not quite
‘sex, drugs and rock and roll’ – not yet at least. But it’s a beginning… of a fun
movement to which all are invited: parents, grandparents, caregivers or
anyone under 45 - provided you are committed to a Canada that works for
all generations.
De-Colonization for Families ( Sat. 1-4pm)
Colonization of the First People has left a wake of devastation. How do we
mend our families from this?
Come and participate in an interactive 3 hours on the subject. Learn what is
available in modern techniques and traditional healing. Interactive and
Facilitated by Dr. Paul Kershaw
Dr. Paul Kershaw is a farmer morning and night. By day, he is an academic,
public speaker, volunteer and media contributor, writing a weekly column
for the Vancouver Sun. Kershaw is one of Canada’s leading thinkers about
family policy, showing its important contributions to crime prevention, going
green, population health, school achievement, Truth & Reconciliation,
gender equality and business profitability. His contributions to public
dialogue are innovative, provocative and fervently committed to the
At the University of British Columbia, Kershaw is the Human Early Learning
Partnership (HELP) Scholar of Social Care, Citizenship and the Determinants
of Health.
Taking Care of Yourself (Friday 5:30-7pm)
This workshop informs parents and caregivers about the effect of stress and
offers tips and strategies to better manage the stressors we have both in our
work and personal lives. Come learn about the importance of taking care of
yourself while looking after others.
Facilitated by : Claude Painter
Claude Painter is an early childhood educator who has nurtured and taught
young children between the ages of infancy and 6 years for more than 30
years. She is an instructor at Langara College’s Early Childhood Education
Department. Her own journey in serving young children and their families
has fuelled her passion not only to help children and adults grow and thrive
to be the best they can be, but to continue her own life long journey to learn
and share knowledge and skills as best she can.
Facilitated by Debra Trask
Debra was born in Idaho-1955, Residential School, foster care and Northern
Idaho Children's Home survivor, immigrated to Canada 1971 with family. She
has been on a life-long healing journey. Mother and Grandmother of mixed
blood heritage. She practices her culture and is an active member of the late
Morris Crow Last Tail Feathers Sundance Family.
Her qualifications include 30 years of experience in First Nations Wellness and
Addictions counselling, Deep Emotional Energy Healing, Emotional
Focus/Freedom Technique and Art and Horticultural Therapy. Presently Debra
is the North Peace Aboriginal Success By 6 Coordinator and the Ft. St. John
Northern Lights College Aboriginal Education Advisor.
Dad’s Make all the Difference (Fri .7-9p)
This workshop will talk about how Dads have a great opportunity to enhance
the development of their children starting from prenatal. Discussion will be
about how to do it, what are the benefits, and ways to support
Fatherhood. Don't forget that "Fatherhood is the best job on the Planet".
Facilitated by Keith McKeeman
Keith is a Social Worker with 18 years experience working with kids, adults,
families, and parents that have behaviour and parenting challenges. He is
married with three kids and has the proud distinction of being the stay-at-home
Dad for their early years. He is currently employed by the South Peace Child
Development Centre.
Full Workshop Description and Presenters’ Bios :_
Keynote Positive Discipline: Creating an Environment Where Kids Thrive and
Cooperate (Sat. 9-noon)
This workshop outlines what constitutes effective and positive discipline and
provides specific ways to create an environment that reduces behaviour
challenges while helping children develop important life skills at the same time.
Learn how to communicate with kids in ways that invite cooperation, how to
empower them to use their power in constructive ways, and much more!
Positive Discipline: Positive Solutions (Sat. 1-3pm)
Learn how to apply Positive Discipline methods and tools to your specific
challenges with children. Session will include problem solving session as well
as tips on how to deal with not only chronic behaviour challenges but how to
deal with misbehaviour “in the moment”.
Facilitated by Ruth Buffam
Ruth has over 20 years of experience in public education and has worked as a
classroom teacher as well as a special education teacher and consultant. After
starting her own educational services business, Ruth trained extensively in
Positive Discipline and now shares this knowledge with parents, childcare
professionals & teachers. She is Canada’s first Certified Positive Discipline
Trainer and has partnered with Dr. Jane Nelsen, creator of the Positive
Discipline Program, to found “Positive Discipline Canada”. Ruth is married and
the mother of 3 grown sons. She brings passion and warmth to her
presentations as she offers guidance in how to create respectful environments
where both children and adults thrive.
Self regulation for 0-6 year olds (Sat. 1-3pm)
This workshop will provide participants with foundational principles which
facilitate regulatory skills in young children. Practical strategies, group practice
and discussion will be part of this interactive session.
Facilitated by: Elizna Bredenkamp
Elizna has her Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy. She is originally from
South Africa , has been in Canada for 4 years. And is working at the South
Peace Child Development Center Elizna has specific training and expertise in
the specialty area of sensory processing and how it impacts children’s
regulation and attention skills. She is a dedicated and enthusiastic therapist
who integrates sensory integrative principles into everyday activities.
Thu Oct. 11
WTF Party: Where’s The
Dr. Paul Kershaw
Fri. Oct. 12
My Baby is Going to
School District Panel
Gloria Cleve
Fri. Oct. 12
Kari Anderson
Fri. Oct. 12
Taking Care of Yourself
Claude Painter
Fri. Oct. 12
Raising Healthy Eaters
Holly Christian
Fri. Oct 12
Dads Make All the
Keith McKeeman
Fri. Oct. 12
The Integrated
Community Plan
Early Childhood
Educators of BC
Fri. Oct. 12
FASD 101
Jeanette Tough and
School District #59
Sat. Oct .13
Keynote : Positive
Ruth Buffam
Oct. 13
12 - 1pm
Lunch Provided
Cups, Cake and Tea
Sat. Oct. 13
1 -2:30pm
Positive Discipline
Ruth Buffam
Sat. Oct.13
Self Regulation for 0-6
Year Olds
Elizna Bredenkamp
Sat. Oct.13
De-Colonization for
Debra Trask
Sat. Oct. 13
Magic 1,2,3
Cathy Nelson
Full Workshop Descriptions and Presenters’ Bios:
Full Workshop Descriptions and Presenters’ Bios:
My Baby is going to Kindergarten Fri. 4-5:30pm
Congratulations! You're now planning for your child to start attending
kindergarten! Parents often feel a mixture of happy, sad and worry when the day
approaches for their child to go off to kindergarten. Do you wonder if your
preschooler will be ready to start school? Come and listen to a school district
panel discuss what is expected of a child entering kindergarten. You will have an
opportunity to ask questions and learn how to make your child's transition into
school a successful experience.
Raising Healthy Eaters
This workshop is aimed at developing positive relationships with food for
preschoolers and at teaching how to support the natural processes involved in
feeding children. Children are born with the ability to know when they are
hungry and full, every child’s body is different and will naturally follow its own
growth pattern, and both adults and children have set responsibilities in a
healthy feeding relationship. Supporting behaviours around eating at a young
age, will lead to healthy food habits later on in life.
Facilitated by Gloria Cleve:
The Panel members are School Principal Wanda McIntyre; K-teacher Donna
Chmelyk; French Immersion K-teacher Madeleine Coudert; and StrongStart
Facilitator Ashlee Dionne Pavlis..
Gloria Cleve is an Early Childhood Educator, a Public Administrator, and is
passionate about her role as Early Learning Project Manager in School District
#59. Gloria is honoured to be serving her community by bringing early learning
programs and information to the South Peace
Facilitated by Holly Christian, MScAHN
Holly Christian is new to Northern BC in the last 3 years, having relocated from
the East Coast. Holly is based in Fort St. John, where she works for the
Population Health Nutrition Department for Northern Health and is the lead in
the area of School Nutrition. She is passionate about food and nutrition and
enjoys working in an area that allows her to see the benefits of good nutrition
from an early age.
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Spectrum Disorder 101 (Fr. 7-9pm)
This workshop will be presented by members of the FASD Awareness Committee
and will discuss what everyone needs to know about FASD
Facilitated by Jeanette Tough
Jeanette Tough-(Métis) R. N. MHsc. Family Counsellor that models strong,
innovative leadership in the Aboriginal community and the northern areas of BC.
She brings many years of experience as a nurse, educator, and counsellor to
Aboriginal Family Services, where she has worked for 11 years. She has been
instrumental in developing and implementing the Machitawin (ECE) program and
the GAIA program for high risk substance using women. A mother of two grown
children and five granddaughters, one of whom she raised.
Community Plan for a Public System of Integrated Early Care and Learning. (Fri
This workshop is for everyone who believes it is possible to develop programs for
children that incorporate both care and early learning as well as meet the needs
of working families. The Plan offers a concrete, innovative ‘made in BC’ solution
to the child care crisis facing families with young children. Come learn more
about it! Facilitated by Emily Mlieczko & Sharon Gregson- ECEBC
Developmental Milestones 0-5 yrs
This workshop will provide an exploration of children’s developmental
milestones from birth through five years of age. We will look at both the
expected milestones as well as the warning signs of a child’s development.
Woven throughout will be activities and play ideas to foster all children’s
Facilitated by: Kari Anderson, BScN, RN, CCHN(C)
Kari has worked in her current role as a generalist Public Health Nurse in the
field of Preventative Public Health since 1997. She began her career in nursing at
the Dawson Creek and District Hospital working in both the surgery and
pediatric units and later moved to emergency and intensive care. Kari also was a
clinical instructor with the Registered Nursing programs at both Northern Lights
College and Grande Prairie Regional College before moving into public health.
Kari now works extensively with children and their families from birth through
school age, assessing their growth and development. Kari serves as a Nursing
Support Services Coordinator that provides services to families with medically
fragile children. She feels that her work with children and their families has
proven to be among her most valued experiences as a registered nurse