Oct 12-16, 2015

P R E -K
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Oct 12-16, 2015
Dear Parents,
Looking Ahead
This week the children:
learned about Deedee Deer and the letter
practiced forming and sounding out the
letter Dd.
learned the everyday word “the”.
learned that God made my Church family
(John 13:35).
learned about deer.
learned about dissolving.
learned about solid shapes like spheres,
cylinders, cubes and rectangular prisms.
learned about not giving up when things
are difficult but to keep trying.
 Please help your child look for the letters,
Aa, Bb, Cc, and Dd and the sounds that
these letters make when you are out and
about, around the house, or when you are
reading a book together. Please also look
for and point out the words, “is”, “my” “to”
and “the”.
 Using the laminated animal alphabet grid,
practice the sign and sound for Aa, Bb, Cc,
and Dd.
What We Know
Everyday words that we know:
is, my, to, the.
Letters we can identify, sound out, and print
Aa, Bb, Cc and Dd.
Help Needed
Anyone willing to help with costumes for
preschool/pre-k Christmas program? Please
let us know!! Thank you!
Scholastic order due: Oct 15.
Conferences: Oct 21-23.
Guardian Angel “Swirl” Fundraiser
Oct 24.
Oct 27-Last day of canned food drive
and Fondi’s takeover from 5-8pm.
Oct 28-Seahawks free dress day
Nov 2 is saint parade and class party.
Your child may wear his/her saint
costume to school.
Fall Festival-Nov 6.
Annual Fund
Our school is currently at 44% participation
for the annual fund. Let’s make it 100%!!
We are more likely to be awarded grant
money if we show 100% support from
faculty and parents. No gift is too small!!
Donations of baby wipes are needed in
classroom. Thank you!!
Weekly Specialist Schedules
Monday: PE
Tuesday: Music, Library
Wednesday: PE
Thursday: Music
Mary Balmer:
Karen McDonald: