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University of Eastern Finland School of Computing
University of Eastern Finland
Areas of Expertise:
• Forests and the Environment
• Health and Well-Being
• New Technologies and Materials
•The university’s high standard of basic research in
the natural sciences serves as a foundation for
developing new technologies and applications in
biosciences, information sciences, materials sciences
and nano sciences.
The university operates on three
campuses in Joensuu, Kuopio and
UEF: Key figures
University of
Eastern Finland
proportion (%)
13 776
Degrees 1
Publications 2
2 102
Staff (full-time equivalent)
2 730
Basic funding 3 (M€)
Additional funding (M€)
1 Of which 172 are doctoral degrees.
2 Of which 1540 are international publications.
3 Including the university teacher training schools.
1. Good research opportunities in an international platform
Research and teaching cooperation
around the world:
• Japan (e.g. Toyohashi University of
• Africa (e.g. Tumaini University,
• CIMET network in Europe
• Cross-Border network with Russian
“The available reserach options and collaboration with
other universities around the world matches to diverse
interests and broadens the possibilities.”
Barun Khanal, IMPIT student, Nepal
ICT4D – Technologies for
Education and Development
In ICT4D studies you can learn
technologies and methods how
to make computer science
teaching interesting for students.
You can also learn how to use
ICT for development in different
educational and cultural context.
A special target area is Africa.
2. Well maintained
• Access to computer labs 24/7
• Well-equipped research facilities for speech and
image processing, colour research, educational
technology and eye-tracking
• Six student cafeterias at the campus, offering
lunch and cafeteria services
• Library services, with access to electronic
databases and articles all over the world
“Classes are offered in a real
technological manner that combines
both theoretical and practical learning
environment. “
Patrick D.Kihoza,
CBU ICT student, Tanzania
Intelligent Media Computing
In Intelligent Media Computing you
can learn to use technologies like
location based computing, color
image analysis, and speeker
recognition for novel applications,
also in mobile setting.
“UEF, especially School of Computing,
is where technologies meet humanity. “
Michiyo Ashida, IMPIT student, Japan
3. Broad alumni networks, good
employment perspectives
Graduates of SoC international
•Senior SW Engineer at Nokia
•IT Developer at Danske Bank
•Software Engineer at Accenture
•Senior Designer at Nokia
•Radio Network Engineering Expert
at T-Mobile
•Software Engineer at Microsoft, Seattle
•SW Engineer at Sun Microsystems
•Senior Integration Analyst at DHL
•Founder and Managing Director at
Image Analysis Ltd, UK
•Software Engineer at NVIDIA
•Chief Technical Officer at Blancco Ltd
Software Engineering
In Software Engineering
you will learn good
practices in software
engineering and you learn
to apply these skills in an
application field. Also, you
may study Human
Computer Interaction
“In addition to natural and cultural
environment, Finland is also a leader
in high technology industries led by
Nokia, which together with
universities and institutes creates a
favourable atmosphere of academy
and life.”
Wang Xingbo, CIMET student, China
4. International studying environment
• Three international MSc programmes in Computing:
- IMPIT (Information Technology)
- CBU ICT (Cross-border University MSc Programme)
- CIMET (Color in Informatics and Media Technology)
• School of Computing:
•Teachers from 10 different countries
• PhD students from 15 different countries
• IMPIT programme running since year 2000 -> long
experience of international education
•At the university, students from 70 countries
• IMPIT: MSc studies in 1,5 years. Studies begin in September and most of the courses
are taken by May. During the summer and next autumn, the student can finish their
practical IT project and Master’s thesis.
• CBU ICT: similar study programme as IMPIT, with the addition of ”Cross Border
studies”. Part of the courses are taken in the Russian partner universities, but all
teaching is in English.
• CIMET: Eramus Mundus MSc programme, in collaboration with three other
universities in France, Spain and Norway.
• Cost of living in Joensuu is about 350 – 600€/month.
• IMPIT and CBU ICT have no tuition fee, and all three programmes have some
“Studying in Joensuu is an international
experience: I've got a lot of friends from all
around the world, and thus I am listening
different languages, eating food from their
countries, and talking about different
Anna Gimbitskaya, IMPIT student, Russia
5. Flexibility for
choosing elective
•The University of Eastern Finland has 4
Faculty of Science and Forestry
Philosophical Faculty
Faculty of Social Sciences and Business
Faculty of Health Sciences
•Altogether 12 fields of study, 100 degree
•All students have free choice of minor subjects
“University, city centre and
supermarkets are near, and the
roads are good enough for biking
so you can easily access anyplace.”
Sita Pun, IMPIT student, Nepal
“The BBQ near the lake, the walking
in the forest, the squirrels and hares
in front of my window are all my
memorable experience.”
Wang Peng, CIMET student, China
6. Student Union
activities and
student benefits
As a university student, you have access to:
•Health and dental care for free or a very low cost
•Student meals for about 2,50 €
•50% discount in trains and long distance buses
•Discounts for theatre, concerts and sports events
Student activities: Student Union newspaper,
University choir, student brass band, student
• Trips, parties and happenings frequently
• Annual Trips to Lapland, St. Petersburg,
Koli national park.
• Sports facilities for free or for very low
cost: football, volleyball, aerobic,
badminton, ice swimming.
• Cultural activities, baking and cooking
• You can meet Santa!
7. Joensuu - small but lively city
•Capital of the North Carelia region
•Total population of 72 000; of which 12 000 higher education students
•Joensuu is located next to the Russian border and about 400 km North-East
from the capital of the country, Helsinki
•All student apartments located within 5 km from the campus, and have good
bus connections and biking routes
•Situated on lakeside, and a river runs through city centre
“Joensuu is not very far from the capital city and its mid way to Lapland . So
its a strategic position for those who would like to travel through Finland.”
Myriam Munezero, IMPIT graduate, PhD student
In Finland, all four seasons have different activities:
• Winter: skiing, skating, ice-swimming, icefishing
• Spring: outdoor activities, hiking
• Summer: swimming in the lake, fishing,
canoeing, beach volley
• Autumn: picking berries and mushrooms
“Joensuu is a great place,
surrounded by beautiful forests
and lakes. It is quiet and calm
place but at the same time it is
full of life and energy. “
Paweł Niechoda, IMPIT
student, Poland
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Computing and our programmes:
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Other Mc programmes at Joensuu campus,
Faculty of Science and Forestry:
• Master’s Degree Programme for Research Chemists
• Master’s Degree Programme in Photonics
• Master’s Degree Programme in European Forestry
• Master’s Degree Programme (CBU) in Forestry and
Environmental Engineering