Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference
Organization and Division: Public Partnerships Division (PPD), UNICEF, HQ, New York
Time and location: 1st March, 2016 – 31st December, 2016; UNICEF House, New York City
Background: PPD was established on September 1, 2014 from the merger of two divisions (Public Sector
Alliances and Resource Mobilization, and Global and Multilateral Affairs) in addition to two offices (Post-2015,
and Geneva Liaison Office). PPD has offices in New York (HQ), Brussels, Tokyo and Geneva. The new
Division’s role is to facilitate and strengthen partnership development – in close cooperation with other
Divisions/Offices – with governments, UN agencies, development financial institutions and global programme
partnerships to engage in policy advocacy for children's rights and mobilize resources.
Within the overall mandate of UNICEF’s Strategic Plan for 2014-17
(http://www.unicef.org/about/execboard/files/2013-21-UNICEF_Strategic_Plan-ODS-English.pdf), and based on
a partnership approach, PPD will aim to achieve the following outcome results:
1. Children's rights are at the center of The Agenda 2030, including at global and national political levels;
2. Resources mobilized match planned amounts, particularly for flexible funding aligned to the Strategic
3. Improved oversight and effective management of UNICEF public sector partnerships.
Scope of consultant’s work / Specific results:
Advance the exploration and potential implementation of a replenishment model to funding, in line with
the Mid-Term-Review of UNICEF’s current Strategic Plan, especially given its mandate to revisit the
resource allocation system of the organization to make it more results based compliant. The
replenishment model will require broad consultation with multiple partners, including both public and
private sectors, as well as fulfilment of internal prerequisites as more robust results-based-budgeting
that is balanced with the needs of children
Finalize the scoping out of open donor reporting and roll-out:
o Move OR donor reports online, to the public space (open.unicef.org), in line with UNICEF’s
existing transparency commitments (IATI etc.)
o Increase contribution management effectiveness, by streamlining the booking of reports with
partners, fulfilling external and internal audit recommendations to observe timely submission of
reports. This removes duplication of work and addresses internal capacity issues
o Improve quality of reports, in part by making public, as well as by standardizing reporting entry
fields (with maximum word length parameters)
o Standardize reports by developing an Online template for completion by reporting offices / units
Progress on advance financing initiative with the Division of Finance & Administrative Management
(DFAM), especially with regards systematizing revenue projections, ideally for public sector revenue
streams as well as those from the private sector, under one common platform. This becomes especially
important under the current situation of volatile currency exchange rates and the need to mitigate
threats and leverage opportunities through approaches such as hedging, and other potential innovative
financing mechanisms to put cash to work faster and better for children
Progress with DFAM a results-based-budgeting framework and corresponding guidance for funding
proposals through to links with reporting on contributions
Develop analytical models that help PPD and the organization allocate resources and partnering efforts
behind greater and more sustainable partnering and flexible funding returns
Support the review of UNICEF’s resource mobilization accountability framework, and dissemination of
the revision for organization-wide implementation
Other as may be prioritized by the fast evolving partnering and aid environment
Competencies & experience:
The consultant should possess the following knowledge and skills:
5-10 years of relevant professional experience, including working through value-chains and strong
interpersonal and analytics skills;
Prior experience with United Nations agencies is an advantage, as is knowledge of UNICEF policies
and procedures;
Ability to work in an international and multicultural environment
Relevant academic background;
Fluency in English. Knowledge of another UN language an asset
Supervisor: Fernando Gutierrez-Eddy, Senior Adviser, Strategic Planning, Field Support and Advocacy, PPD
Reasons why assignment is outsourced: Lack of capacity in PPD
WorkPlan / budget area involved: This activity is serving PPD WorkPlan outputs 1.j: Increased partner
awareness of children rights as well as incentives for flexible and predictable funding, through planning,
analysis and advocacy, including on results-based-management and reporting, transparency, recognition; 2:
Increased share of un-earmarked, flexible and predictable earmarked resources from public partners; 2c:
Strengthened and managed partnerships and maximum quality resources raised through enhanced trust,
accountability and evidence based advocacy. Enhanced effective strategic field support to regional and country
offices to harmonize donor engagement at country level and in Tokyo/Seoul to maintain support and
contribution; and 3a: Public partners of UNICEF support the results for children and are increasingly satisfied
with the quality, results orientation, and timeliness of UNICEF programmes and reports.
Application: Interested candidates, to send cover letter, P-11, CV and daily or monthly rate to Fernando
Gutierrez-Eddy at fgutierrezeddy@unicef.org, by February 22, 2016. Regret letters will only be sent to shortlisted candidates.
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