MBACM Vision statement 2010

Pursuing your MBA is one of the most important decisions you will make; it is an
investment in yourself and in your future. Wharton is committed to helping you
explore financing options so you may make informed decisions.
All admitted students are considered for Wharton Fellowship support. Criteria for
selection of awards may include academic achievement, compelling leadership,
exceptional professional development, and unique personal qualities. There is no
formal fellowship application and notification of fellowship support is included with
the admissions decision.
Fellowships include funding for both years of the Wharton MBA. Other awards are
available in the second year for students in leadership roles and for teaching
Loan Products
Wharton Fellowships
Joseph Wharton Fellowships
Named in honor of the founder
of the Wharton school, Joseph
Wharton, these awards are for
those students with outstanding
records of academic, personal
and professional achievement.
Howard E. Mitchell
Federal Direct Loan
Available to graduate/professional students who have not defaulted on a prior
educational loan. Annual loan limit is $20,500. Fixed interest rate at 6.8% with 1%
origination fee.
Federal Direct GradPlus Loan
Borrow up to the cost of attendance less other aid. Applicants must not have
defaulted on a prior educational loan and a credit review is required. Fixed interest
rate at 7.9% with 4% origination fee.
Private Alternative Loans
Full-tuition awards for
exceptional students from
underrepresented backgrounds.
Emerging Economy
Fellowships to support students
from emerging economies
throughout the world.
Forte Fellowships
A number of private lenders and other financial institutions offer educational loans to
students. These alternate loans are not subsidized and generally have tiered interest
rates and fees, based on your credit score. In addition, co-signers may be required.
Awards for outstanding female
students who demonstrate
exemplary leadership in one or
more ways.
Social Impact Fellowships
International Loan Product
Fellowships for students with
demonstrated leadership in the
public and/or non-profit sectors.
Wharton has partnered with Quorum Federal Credit Union to provide a non-cosigned
loan product, for international students, who does not require a U.S. co-signer.
The loan product will allow students to borrow the cost of tuition and living expenses
up to 80% of the student budget, and features an interest rate of Prime plus 4.75%
(with the opportunity to reduce the interest rate by up to .75% if a U.S. co-signer is
acquired and graduates arrange for automatic repayments) and no origination fee.
Please note that students from OFAC sanctioned countries are not eligible for the
private education line of credit.
By representing Wharton across all corners of the globe, your participation in
helping to shape future classes is invaluable. Your talents, energy, and
commitment are critical in sustaining the school’s legacy and presence worldwide.
Likewise, we hope that your reap the personal benefits of your
involvement including networking opportunities and the satisfaction of
making a positive and lasting impact on Wharton.
Host an MBA Admissions Events in Your Area
Act as lead or support Alumni– led events organized on behalf
of MBA Admissions in your region
Provide or assist in securing venues for events
Help develop and implement a marketing strategy which will
resonate with prospective candidates in your region
Assist in the recruitment of local alumni to help in the planning
and execution of presentation
Conduct and moderate the presentation on behalf of the MBA
Admissions Office
Support Enrollment: Welcome and Send-Off Events
Host Admitted Student Welcome events or Coffee Chats with
newly Admitted students in your region (January/April)
Host send-off event for enrolled students heading to
Philadelphia to begin the MBA program
Candidate Recommendations
Submit candidate recommendations within the application
Admissions Liaison Position with Our Office or Within
the Club Structure
Work directly with Admissions on Club/Admissions engagement
Register on MBA AdmissionsConnect to receive updates from
Provide space on Club site for Admissions (i.e. post events,
create link to push candidates to MBA web site)
Begin a buddy matching program for candidates interested in
connecting with local alumni
Register on AdmissionsConnect
Become an MBA Admissions Alumni
Ambassador by registering on our
Alumni Engagement Portal
MBA AdmissionsConnect
To get started, follow the four quick
steps below:
1. Log in
Use your WhartonConnect
username and password (Wharton
External Affair’s Alumni Portal)
2. Complete a quick registration
3. Update your profile
Once registered, please take a few
moments to look over our menu of
engagement options by clicking on the
“Get involved” section, located on the
left side of the screen.
Please indicate, where applicable, the
activities you are interested in.