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Role Profile – Grade 5 PAS
Professional Officer
Job Title:
Library and Information Administrator
Generic Post Title:
Professional Officer
Reporting to:
Campus Librarian
GCU London
Job Family:
Professional and Administrative Support
Main Purpose
of the Role:
Provide specific services, as part of a team, to support the effective professional delivery of library and
information services for staff and students at the GCU London campus.
Summary of
Examples of role specific activity include:
Service Delivery, Knowledge and Experience
Liaise with students, researchers and academics on all aspects of library and ICT services provided
on campus and more generally, the University.
Develop and deliver library, ICT and online systems induction for students, academics and
researchers at GCU London.
Provide advice, guidance, demonstrations and training to students and academic staff on the use
of GCU Learn in teaching and learning.
Provide support to post graduate students and researchers at GCU London in a variety of formats
such as group workshops, one to one sessions, and email queries and to support dissertation
Advise on use of online library materials, computing and audio-visual applications, and online
student systems and resolve any problems.
To ensure the smooth functioning of the learning resource and teaching areas at the GCU London
campus; to work closely with the Campus Librarian and Campus Technician, referring ‘next-line’
support issues as appropriate; thus ensure that teaching and learning facilities on campus are
functioning to support lectures and other activities etc.
Enrol users and provide content for GCU Learn London Community.
Support students in making electronic coursework submissions using Turnitin and digital drop
Administration, management and service provision.
Work with the Campus Librarian, ILL and inter-site loan team to provide effective reading list
acquisition, ensure appropriate stock levels in relation to student growth & source research
materials not available at GCU London. Contribute to collection development to ensure a mature
GCU London collection by making suggestions for materials required and methods of obtaining.
Grade 5 Professional Officer
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Professional and Administrative Support
Role Profile – Grade 5 PAS
Professional Officer
Coordinate with other departments to provide list of modules running in London for reading list
procurement, obtain lists where possible and identify missing reading lists.
Develop and maintain accurate records of all GCU London library inventory and expenditure,
reading list titles, inter-site and ILL titles requests, missing items and a manual holds list.
To support the Student and Learning Services Manager and work with the Campus Technician in
the compilation and management of an IT/inventory of equipment and resources.
Oversee inventory and audit biannually to identify and replace missing items
Support the Campus Librarian in the training and supervising of Learning Zone Assistant(s)
Ensure the smooth functioning of the library resource areas at the GCU London campus and that
the resource areas opens and closes at the advertised times
Support students and staff in using a variety of software applications and learning technologies,
ensure students have appropriate software and parity with Glasgow and install software as
Deal with student IT requests including password resets, student print credits, issue netbooks and
refer student calls to IT helpdesk.
Liaison, networking and communication
Producing and updating subject specific and general guides using variety of technologies.
Encourage the use of research materials and provide advice on accessing materials outside of the
GCU London collection.
Promoting and marketing library services and developing current awareness services using email,
GCU Learn, and verbally.
Liaising with related colleagues at partner institutions and organisations.
Planning and organising resources
To contribute to appropriate GCU London wide projects.
Undertake other duties, as requested, of a similar level and responsibility to ensure the effective
operation of the GCU London campus and specifically, the library and learning resources facilities.
Work environment and pastoral care
Responsible for co-operating and complying with University and Local Health and Safety
regulations, standards and processes.
Any other tasks appropriate to the post and in line with School/Department business need.
Grade 5 Professional Officer
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Professional and Administrative Support
Role Profile – Grade 5 PAS
Professional Officer
Be inclusive and sensitive to the diverse needs of learners and ensure these are met either
through customised service provision, or via services provided online and remotely from GCU
Examples of generic activity:
 Participate in the delivery of the professional services of the department including project work.
 Use expertise to organise and deliver identified specialist service as appropriate.
 Provide a range of user support activities giving guidance and supervision.
 Provide an appropriate level of support responding to user need.
 Participate in and provide specialist advice to users, working groups, project teams and
committees at appropriate levels.
 Assist in the planning of the service.
 Create, maintain and review accurate operational records to support service delivery.
 Maintain sensitivity and confidentiality when dealing with records and reports.
 Prepare and submit required reports.
 Ensure application of appropriate policies and procedures.
 Apply appropriate quality standards.
 Plan, prioritise and organise the work/resources of self and others within area of responsibility
e.g. undertake PDAR.
 Ensure provision of an effective support service by contributing to the induction and training
programmes within the service.
 Participate in internal and external communication.
 Participate in teamwork.
 Mange personal day to day work profile in keeping with the team and service demands.
 Provide first point of contact support for staff/students where appropriate.
 Responsible for co-operating and complying with University and Local Health and Safety
regulations, standards and processes.
 Any other tasks appropriate to the post and in line with School/Department business needs.
Person Specification
& Training
Relevant degree and/or the ability to
demonstrate substantial relevant
Teaching qualification.
Knowledge &
Relevant experience in an academic
or equivalent library service.
Involvement in a professional body.
Experience of developing and
providing library client services
Confident in teaching large and small
groups and experienced at
Grade 5 Professional Officer
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Professional and Administrative Support
Role Profile – Grade 5 PAS
Professional Officer
A clear understanding of the
importance of Information and
Digital Literacy.
Proven track record in supporting
and assisting staff and students with
the use of computing, web tools and
other technology in an academic
Must be able to demonstrate
excellent communication skills.
Ability to motivate self and others;
to work independently and as part of
a multi-disciplinary team.
Must be able to demonstrate that
they are a good team player with a
strong commitment to developing
and co-operating with others.
Ability to work flexible hours as and
when required and to work
Grade 5 Professional Officer
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Professional and Administrative Support
Generic HERA Activity – Grade 5 PAS
Professional Officer
This element includes communication through written/electronic/visual/verbal means, and in both informal/formal
situations. This may include the need to convey basic factual information clearly and accurately, conveying
information in the most appropriate format and explaining complex or detailed specialist information.
Required to respond to simple verbal instructions and enquiries and may be required to clarify matters of a nonroutine nature, use language over and above that which is found in every day conversation, choose an appropriate
method of delivery and employ techniques to ensure understanding.
Teamwork and Motivation
This element includes team work and team leadership when working in both internal and external teams. This may
include the need to contribute as an active member of the team, motivating others in the team and providing
leadership and direction for the team.
Required to offer mutual support to colleagues in a team where the members are all pulling together. This may
be in a self directed or leaderless team, or in a team with a remote leader. For example a member of staff who
as part of a team is expected to act as a role model to less experienced colleagues and supports their work as
required. May be required to oversee tasks of the work team i.e. an operational task leader, this would include
being responsible for allocating work, monitoring its achievement by team members and providing feedback to
them. The role holder would be expected to take initial remedial action if required.
Liaison and Networking
This element includes liaising with others both within and outside the institution and creating networks of useful
contacts. This may include passing on information promptly to colleagues, ensuring mutual exchange of information,
influencing developments through one’s contacts and building an external reputation.
Liaison to ensure effective exchange of information for effective working and maintain longer term working
Service Delivery
This element includes the provision of help and assistance to a high standard of service to students, visitors,
members of staff and other users of the institution. This may include reacting to requests for information or advice,
actively offering or promoting the services of the institution to others and setting the overall standards of service
Responds to requests for information, provides answers to questions regularly posed, drawing upon preprepared materials for the answers, responds to breakdowns, system or mechanical failures or predictable
requests for help and occasionally may be asked to initiate contact with customers, explore customers' needs
and adapt the service to meet them.
Decision Making Processes and Outcomes
Grade 5 Professional Officer
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Professional and Administrative Support
Generic HERA Activity – Grade 5 PAS
Professional Officer
This element includes the impact of decisions within the institution and externally. This may include decisions which
impact on one’s own work or team, decisions which impact across the institution and decisions which could have
significant impact in the longer term within or outside the institution.
Independent decision-making around allocation of resources that will affect the work of people outside the
immediate work team, member of committee or team with decision making authority to vary a business plan and
infrequently provide information that will influence the development of business plans or working alliances.
Planning and Organising Resources
This element includes organising, prioritising and planning time and resources, be they human, physical or financial.
This may include planning and organising one’s own work, planning work for others on day to day tasks or on projects,
carrying out operational planning and planning for coming years.
Expected to decide own pattern of work and select the order in which tasks are completed, ensuring the
required output is achieved. May plan and prioritise the day-to-day work of others to meet agreed objectives.
Initiative and Problem Solving
This element includes identifying or developing options and selecting solutions to problems which occur in the role.
This may include using initiative to select from available options, resolving problems where an immediate solution
may not be apparent, dealing with complex problems and anticipating problems which could have major
Expected to use judgement to resolve problems that are predictable but occur infrequently. The range of choices
will be defined, for example, by a set of procedures or guidelines or by training and application of knowledge.
Analysis and Research
This element includes investigating issues, analysing information and carrying out research. This may include
following standard procedures to gather and analyse data, identifying and designing appropriate methods of
research, collating and analysing a range of data from different sources and establishing new methods or models for
research, setting the context for research.
Gathering and manipulating routine data.
Sensory and Physical Demands
This element includes the sensory and physical aspects of the role required to complete tasks. This may include
physical effort, co-ordination and dexterity, using aural evidence to assess next actions, applying skilled techniques
and co-ordinating sensory information and high levels of dexterity where precision or accuracy is essential.
Will need skills obtained through practice over a period of time or during practical training. Care, precision and
accuracy will be normally expected.
10 Work Environment
Grade 5 Professional Officer
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Professional and Administrative Support
Generic HERA Activity – Grade 5 PAS
Professional Officer
This element includes the impact the working environment has on the individual and their ability to respond to and
control that environment safely. This may include such things as the temperature, noise or fumes, the work position
and working in an outdoor environment.
Based in the sort of working environment that has little impact on the way in which the work is performed and
presents a low level of risk. May be asked to undertake activities regularly for which the role holder is required to
use standard protective clothing or safety equipment, and follow standard procedures.
11 Pastoral Care and Welfare
This element includes the welfare and well being of students and staff within the institution, in both informal and
formal situations. This may include the need to be aware of the support services available, giving supportive advice
and guidance and counselling others on specific issues.
Covers basic sensitivity to and consideration of other people's needs or feelings and may include dealing with signs
of obvious distress, and may be required to react to predictable welfare issues that are covered by documented
procedures, when the matter can be referred to someone else or advice on how to respond can be obtained.
12 Team Development
This element includes the development of the skills and knowledge of others in the work team. This may include the
induction of new colleagues, coaching and appraising any individuals who are supervised, mentored or managed by the
role holder and giving guidance or advice to one’s peers or supervisor on specific aspects of work.
Responsibility for providing training or instruction to other members of the work team on a regular basis, identify
the training and development needs of the members of the work team, analysing achievement of team objectives
and identifying learning needs arising from shortfalls.
13 Teaching and Learning Support
This element includes the development of the skills and knowledge of students and others who are not part of the work
team. This may include providing instruction to students or others when they are first using a particular service or
working in a particular area, carrying out standard training and the assessment and teaching of students.
May be required to outline or explain rules, processes, procedures, packages or systems
14 Knowledge and Experience
This element includes the relevant knowledge needed to carry out the role, however acquired, whether this is technical,
professional or specialist. This may include the need for sufficient experience to carry out basic, day to day
responsibilities, the need for a breadth or depth of experience to act as a point of reference for others and the need to
act as a leading authority in one’s field or discipline.
Required to possess specialist or professional knowledge of general principles, expected to engage in appropriate
professional activities to keep his or her knowledge base and skills up to date and to develop them further.
Grade 5 Professional Officer
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Professional and Administrative Support