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University PhD Research Studentship
School of Health & Life Sciences/Institute of Applied
Health Research
Reference Number: 2014SHLS014S
Studentship Project Title: Economic and clinical evaluation of general and therapeutic eye care
services in Scotland
Applications are invited for a full-time PhD research studentship at Glasgow Caledonian University within
the School of Health & Life Sciences. The studentship is for a period of three years, subject to satisfactory
progress and provides payment of tuition fees at the UK/EU rate plus an annual stipend of £14,800
[please note that students from outside the EU are required to pay the difference between International
and EU fees, currently this would amount to £7,100 per annum]. The successful candidate will carry out
up to 6 hours of academic-related work per week as part of their research training.
Research Discipline
Health Economics, Vision Sciences, Optometry
Research Theme
Health Services Research and Health Economics
Research Project Summary
Until 2006, patients with acute eye conditions consulted their General Practitioner (GP) or local hospital.
In Scotland, recent policy changes have led to optometrists taking on greater responsibilities. Many
common eye conditions are now treated entirely in optometric practice through the general ophthalmic
services (GOS) contract, or through therapeutics-qualified practitioners. Currently, there is a distinct lack
in quality evidence that the new eye care services are clinically and economically effective.
This research will evaluate economic and clinical factors of general and therapeutic eye care services in
Scotland. The specific areas of interest are not prescribed (to be developed with the candidate), but will
include the development of a conceptual model to understand the key inputs and outcomes, which
require evaluation. This may include;
Patient preferences (using methods such as Willingness to Pay)
Accessibility and quality of service
Practitioner preferences
Expected remuneration
Ease of training
Effectiveness of training
Clinical services
Service delivery
Quality of care
Quality of referral to secondary care
The project will be suitable for a clinician with an interest in health economics as well as for a health
economist wishing to develop a focus on primary eye care.
Supervisory Team
Professor Cam Donaldson, Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health
( )
Dr Sven Jonuscheit, Lecturer in Vision Sciences, Institute for Applied Health Research
( )
Dr Helen Mason, Senior Lecturer, Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health
( )
Staff Contact
Dr Sven Jonuscheit, Lecturer in Vision Sciences, Institute for Applied Health Research,
How to Apply
Applicants should complete the University Research Application Form, available from:
Please send the form, stating the studentship project title and reference number, with a CV, copies of
academic qualifications, references, and any other required documentation to:
The closing date for applications is 14th April 2014