Groundwater Flashcards

Flashcard Template for Groundwater Jan 2016
3 problems that result from overpumping of wells
What happens to our freshwater
as populations increase
4 steps for purifying our drinking
Infiltrates and becomes
Evaporation liquid to gas,
Condensation gas to liquid
Hydrologic or water cycle
The ocean
Groundwater pollution
Point source pollution
Non-point source pollution
Flood Non-point source pollution
Examples of point source
The water table
Crop irrigation
Flooding ( why is this true )
Sand + gravel
Aquicludes ; clay + shale are
Name 3 ways we use dams to
control water
Dams and reservoirs
Only 3 % most is frozen in
Groundwater and lakes (dammed
In the western U
Use water efficiently
You will have saltwater intrusion
Recharge Zone
1. Salt water intrusion 2. Water Table is lowered 3. Arsenic in the
1. More waste 2. More runoff 3. Desertification 4. Less available drinking
water (potable drinking water)
1 Screens remove big solids 2nd Scrappers skim floating oils 3rd Bacteria break
down sludge 4th Disinfect water with Chlorine and UV lights
Raleigh NC lies in the --- watershed
Acidic groundwater and limestone can make
A small portion of precipitation becomes______ and returns to oceans by rivers
and streams
Most precipitation that falls on land _______ + becomes _______
What’s the difference between evaporation and condensation?
What is... evaporation of water from plants ( leaves, plants, trees)
What is… “Water that flows downslope in a river or stream”?
What is… “water in the hydrologic cycle falls from clouds”
What is… “precipitation that has fallen on land enters the ground”
The unending circulation of earth’s water
The ultimate source of all Earth’s water
Sewage, pesticides + industrial chemicals
A pipe pouring out pollution is an example of …
Runoff from rainwater, melted snow (with de-icing salts are examples of
Water spills over banks, what kind of pollution is this? Point source or Non-point
Leaking gas tanks, Broken chemical barrel, landfill drainage
The land that drains into a stream system
What do we call the upper boundary of an aquafer? ( or the zone of saturation)
You could find chronic water shortages in
Most freshwater is used for
Largest % of freshwater on Earth
When you develop land areas with concreate and asphalt, you will create a risk of
The land above an aquifer sinks due to excessive groundwater withdrawal
Very porous or permeable soil material
Impermeable materials ( water can’t go thru)
Flooding control, Irrigation, Hydroelectric power, recreation, water for homes+
How do we control most of our freshwater
What % of Earth’s water is freshwater?
A permeable underground layer through which groundwater flows
This type of irrigation gets water to the roots
Major source of freshwater for human use
IN the U.S where is the freshwater likely to be scarce?
The most simple, most practical way to reduce demand on freshwater
In most coastal areas, if too much groundwater is removed…
The zone that adds water from precipitation to the zone of saturation.