Introduction Presentation_FINAL

Introductory Seminar
Louise Mayo
Supervisors: Dale Mackrell & John Campbell
Working Title
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Tactics and Strategies for
by IT Professionals in the Australian Public
Overview of Presentation
•Professional background
•Value & Contribution
•Motivator for Study
•Study Topic
•Study Approach
•The Plan
Professional background
• Prior studies
• Industry experience
• Access to study participants
Motivator for Study
• Once upon a time ……….
• Career Prospects of IT Professionals
• Limited Research on IT Careers
Motivator for Study – Literature Review
• “Funnel Method”
• Focus of Review so far:
tactics and strategies for career advancement
recent developments in the APS for career advancement by IT
professionals, and
appropriate theories and methods
• Address literature gap
Study Topic
Proposed Research Questions
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1. In a climate of job uncertainty how effective
tactics and
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strategies for career advancement by IT professionals in the APS?
2. What are the practical applications of their tactics and strategies
for building staff capability and enhancing career advancement
among IT professionals in the APS?
Study Approach - Methodology
• Qualitative Research
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Reproduced with kind permission of Michael Quinn Patton
Study Approach - Methodology
Social Position
Gender, race, culture, economic status
Theory of
Stand Point
Theory of
Theory of being
Stand point influenced theoretical framework
Research Method
Study Approach - Collection
• Data Collection
• In-depth Interviews
• Focus Groups
Reproduced with kind permission of Michael Quinn Patton
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Study Approach – Sample
• Non probability sample
• Sample Method
• Snowballing
• Proposed population
• CIO’s in Government
• 30 Interviews
• Triangulation of Data
• Pilot Study
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Study Approach – Analysis
• Thematic
• Application of grounded theory
The Plan
August 2015
July 2016
December 2017
Final Submission
September 2019
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Value & Contribution
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• Contributing to closinginthe
• Practical applications for IT professionals on tactics
and strategies for career advancement in APS
•Dale Mackrell
•John Campbell
•Administration Team
•Learning Circle Members
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